Monday Mixtape: A Little Tribute to Sugarfree’s Dramachine 15th Anniversary

Monday Mixtape: A Little Tribute to Sugarfree’s Dramachine 15th Anniversary

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I follow Ebe Dancel on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts and his former band Sugarfree helped me to appreciate Filipino music even more. As I listen to their musicality over the years, I can say that this band was an expert when it comes to melancholy and sad songs, deep diving into your heart with gloomy lyrics. But I don’t know with you, I enjoy them even more.

It was February when he announced that their album Dramachine is already 15 years old. The 16-track album was born in 2004. Imagine that. Although it’s not my favorite album, I can say that the tracks from Dramachine are something I’m fond of listening and part of my playlist.

To pay tribute to the 15th year anniversary of Dramachine, Ebe said that he’ll be doing an all-Sugarfree set. It happened and I wasn’t able to come because of the midweek schedule of the performance.

The following week after the announcement, I saw the comments on Ebe’s another IG post stating the date and place of the gig. The tickets were sold out even days before March 6 – look it up on your calendar, it was a Hump Day. Commenters and fellow fans were so excited and I felt that too. They even tagging their friends and inviting them to watch the All-Sugarfree set of Ebe.

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This is my jam, I thought.

Sugarfree was one of the bands I religiously listened to during my college years and Burnout is my all-time favorite song from them. I’ve used replay button of my MP3 player a million times for this song. Too bad, Sugarfree parted ways in 2011. #Ouch

Ok, before I talk too much here, I’ll tell you my favorite tracks from Dramachine:

  • Sinta

Favorite stanza:

At sabi mo malayo p’ang bukas
Tapos na ang kahapon
Ang mahalaga’y ngayon
Nandito ka ngayon

  • Prom

Favorite stanza:

Nalalasing sa iyong tingin
Di malaman laman ang gagawin
Habang lumalamim ang gabi
Ay lumalapit ang ating mga labi

  • Kwentuhan

Favorite stanza:

Tatawa tayo sabay seryoso
Unti unti kang nakikilala
Ang sarap sarap mo palang kasama
Dati kasi, tahimik ka lang palagi
Ngunit ngayong gabi
Parang kay rami mo ng sinabi

  • Tulog Na

Favorite line:

Tulog na mahal ko
Wag kang lumuha malambot ang iyong kama

  • Kwarto

Favorite stanza:

Maglilinis ako ng aking kwarto
Na punong-puno ng galit at damit
Mga bagay na hindi ko na kailangan
Nakaraang hindi na pwedeng pagpaliban

  • Dramachine

Favorite stanza:

Habang bumabaha ng luha
Di ko na napupuna
Na mayron pang saysay ang buhay
Hinding hindi ko napapansin
Kung umaandar ang aking dramachine

  • Cuida

Favorite stanza:

Kung pag-aari ko lang ang lumbay
Itatago ko siya habang buhay
Wala nang inggit, wala nang galit
Paliligayahin kita bawat saglit

  • Makita Kang Muli

Favorite stanza:

Inaalala mga sandali
Nang tayo ay magkapiling
Ikaw ang gabay sa akin tuwina
Ang aking ilaw sa gabing mapanglaw
Tanging ikaw

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I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 🙂

Tell us your favorite Sugarfree song!

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