These Women Transformed a Sexist Song to a Message of Empowerment

These Women Transformed a Sexist Song to a Message of Empowerment

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Catcalling and sexist remarks on women is never okay and 20th century men should know better not to disrespect women for whatever reason.

It seems O Diva, consist of power belters, Liezel Garcia, Emmanuelle Vera, Klarisse De Guzman are also fed up with the antics of misogynistic men. During a performance in their show We Love OPM, they sang Katawan by the popular 70’s boy band, Hagibis.

Hagibis was popular during their days because of their macho bravado which girls back then love. Their songs Legs and Lalaki are just some of their other popular hits that imply misogynistic messages as well.

O Diva’s version of Katawan was a jab to all the guys who only find girls beautiful if they have a sexy body. They also a criticized womizers who never get contented with one relationship, shouting “ayaw na namin” and “kami’y sawang sawa na” to all those men.

Of course the message won’t be as empowering without the ladies’ strong voices. They emanate true talent, range and ability that made their rendition truly their own.

You can watch the video here:

In the panel is the original singer of the song, Sonny Parsons who explained how the group showed what the song’s real meaning is adding that “ang babae ay imahe ng isang dyosa sa isipan at katauhan ng isang lalake.” As if to defend womanizing, he gave another sexist remark that it’s the women’s fault for being beautiful and sexy, adding that he was only joking.

Despite the twisted comment, Parsons commended O Diva’s world-class talent.

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The badass performance however did made the group win that week but hopefully their message of woman empowerment rings to all men out there.

What do you think of the performance? Do you think Katawan is a sexist song?

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