Monday Mixtape: 7 Music Playlists to Suit Your Mood

Monday Mixtape: 7 Music Playlists to Suit Your Mood

It was September 2011 when I first registered on 8tracks.com. Since then, I became obsessed and clingy with its music. There I found different people mixing different music genres to share with music lovers like me. I have also found a lot of songs that fit my taste and discovered that I am capable of liking/loving other genres outside Rock  especially Alternative Rock which started to conquer the radio wave during the ’90s.

8tracks users are really good in mixing and matching the songs to produce a particular playlist that will suit your mood. Different strokes of music to match the mood you’re currently in. That’s what the website is good at. I was able to find a lot of good music to include to my collection and taught me to listen on the right genre for a particular mood, occasion or event.

As a member for almost 3 years, I have 106 favorite playlists, 458 tracks that I really love and created 3 playlists. The playlists are a mix of rock, jazz, soul, OPM, ambient, hip-hop and everything in between.

For that, I am recommending some of my favorite playlists and maybe you’ll like them too.

1. Best of Male Vocalists

The sexy voice of Adam Levine, Chris Martin’s Magical lyrics or the heartbreaking melodies of The Script  these are just snippets of songs you’re going to hear from this playlist. You won’t go wrong for listening to them.

Sample tracks:
Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
Fix You – Coldplay

2. For you, Mr. Marley

A feast of reggae music. If you feel like going to the beach and dancing away under the moonlight, this playlist is a good company. Reggae music always lightens the mood, so better listen to it.

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Sample tracks:
Imagine One Day (so far away) – Mashup-Germany
No Woman No Cry (live) – Bob Marley & The Wailers

3. Rolling Stone Magazine Top 100 Songs

The best of the best, that’s what the playlist says so. A collection of best music from different eras. This is a must playlist. Why? You need to listen to the legendary songs! It’s history, you know.

Sample tracks:
Imagine – John Lennon
Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

4. Baking in the Wrong Era

I strongly suggest that you listen to Jazz and Blues once in a while. A liberating one. Perfect on Sundays at home or if you want to experience the music of our grandparents.

Sample tracks:
You Go To My Head – Billie Holiday
Feeling Good – Nina Simone

5. Time Traveling

The first playlist which made me love the Downtempo, Ambient and Glitch Hop genres. Most of songs in the playlists are just melodies, rhythm and no lyrics at all. It sends you to a different dimension. You might as well close your eyes and feel the music to sink in.

Sample tracks:
Time Traveling – Me Gusta
Hand-Me-Down – RJD2

6. Proudly Pinoy

Love our own! A collection of OPM music we love. There are mostly are from the ’90s era, and you don’t have a choice but reminisce the good old days.

Sample tracks:
Himala – Rivermaya
Prinsesa – Teeth

7. Because Who Doesn’t Love 90’s Alternative Rock?

From the title itself, you have a clear idea what you’re going to hear. Just like playlist #6, this playlist will relive the memories of ’90s music we love. So, rock on ’90s kids!

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Sample tracks:
You’re a God – Vertical Horizon
Closing Time – Semisonic

Whatever your current mood is, there is an exact playlist for you.

Do you have a favorite playlist? Share it with us!


  • eris
    June 23, 2014

    I agree! The sexy voice of Adam Levine, even his body, He is the ONE! ^_^

    • Manillenials
      June 23, 2014

      Yes, Ate! You’ll never go wrong with Adam 🙂

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