Must Watch Asian Campus Romance Movies That Will Make You Nostalgic

Must Watch Asian Campus Romance Movies That Will Make You Nostalgic

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Nostalgia is a powerful feeling because it triggers different emotions and memories. It can make us smile or make us sad. It can also make us wonder about the “what-ifs” and “what-might-have-beens”.

This is the reason why plenty of Asian movies bank on this trigger factor to make box office hits. Combine it with cute high school romance and you’ll have one entertaining movie that is guaranteed of commercial success.

These Asian romance movies might come from different countries of different culture but all of them reflect the pop culture during the viewer’s younger days making the characters relatable.

If you are sentimental and enjoy romance stories, you are surely one of the people who will enjoy these Asian campus romance movies that will make you nostalgic:

fleet of time movie poster

Fleet of Time

Country: China

Release Date: 2014

This Chinese coming of age movie follows the story of young high school students and their life to adulthood. The saccharine romance between the two leads is enough to remind you of your first crush.

you are the apple of my eye movie poster

You are the Apple of My Eye

Country: Taiwan

Release Date: 2011

Set in 1994, this coming of age movie based on a semi-autobiography of the same name, tells the romance between Shen Chia-yi, a bright and prim student and Ko Ching-teng, the school’s resident bad boy. The characters and relatable scenes made this film so entertaining to watch.

our times movie poster

Our Times

Country: Taiwan

Release Date: 2015

When naive high school student Lin passed chain letters to his schoolmates and teachers, she didn’t know that it will the beginning of her whirlwind romance with Hsu, the leader of a school gang.

sunny movie poster


Country: Korea

Release Date: 2011

This isn’t technically a romance movie but the love between the 7 ragtag of high school students who formed a group named Sunny, is something that will melt your heart. Their friendship and experiences as young students in Korea is fun and touching that will make you think of your friends during school.

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architecture 101 movie poster

Architecture 101

Country: Korea

Release Date: 2012

When former lovers, Seung Min and Seo Yeon meet once again over a home renovation project, memories of their past together when they were still in college resurfaced. This brought back the joy, tear, regrets and emotional attachment they had when they were naive and carefree.

alternative 2538 movie poster

Alternative 2538

Country: Thailand

Release Date: 2015

In this Thai rom-com movie, Som accidentally went back to the past after his parents fight over a girl who was linked to his father. There he met his parents and the girl that causes his parents marital problems. Sounds heavy? but actually this movie is light, romantic and funny!

my old classmate movie poster

My Old Classmate

Country: China

Release Date: 2014

This charming campus romance movie will definitely remind you of your crush back in high school. You get to relate on the characters and cheer them during difficult times. Unlike other coming of age movies, My Old Classmate gave a fresh take on the genre’s worn out theme.

so young movie poster

So Young

Country: China

Release Date: 2013

Another romantic movie from China that spans from the lead character’s college life to adulthood, So Young is a wistful movie that would touch your emotions. Although there are gratuitous plots and frustrating scenes, the overall feel of the movie gives tribute to all the complexities of our young immature lives.

young style movie poster

Young Style

Country: China

Release Date: 2013

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind if you talk about school? Exams, of course! So Young tackles about how grade obsessed teachers could somehow affect the growth of students and that grades are not the only thing that prepare students into adulthood. In this movie, a lovestruck boy was left broken-hearted after his dream girls moved on to college while he has to repeat high school after failing the college entrance exam.

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The list of some of the best Asian Romantic Comedy movies  with a nostalgic theme could go on forever but these movies are some of the most entertaining to watch. Viewers could relate with the lead characters because at some point in their lives, they experienced the same romance, heartache, failure, and success.

These Asian campus movies remind us of how much we’ve grown and how much we can accomplish because of the lessons we learned when we were young.

Did we forget your favorite movie? Share them below!



  • Sameer Gupta
    May 7, 2017

    This is so childish.. Asian cinema needs to grow up and mature.

    • Manillenials
      May 13, 2017

      Haha, these list does not represent all Asian movies. These movies are rom-com hence the “childish” theme.

      You should check out movies like “Mother”, “Pietà”, “A Barefoot Dream” and so much more. These are just from Korea, so expect “grown-up” kind of films from other Asian countries.

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