5 Reasons Your Dad Is the Best Man In Your Life

5 Reasons Your Dad Is the Best Man In Your Life

All of us have a special bond with our Dad, Papa, Itay, Popsy, Pudra, whatever term you call him is acceptable, since he will always be the one and only father we are grateful to have. It’s a bit difficult not to be emotional sometimes when talking about them, because deep in our hearts we are too proud of them. When our father is the topic, it’s just too hard to list all the things we love about him. Here are some reasons why every dad is the world’s greatest father:

1. He puts his family first.

Every daddy is a great provider and he knows how to value his family. He might provide you with material stuff, but what matters most is his effort and time he spends with his family.

2. He will treat you like a princess.


Daughters are lucky as they can experience a princess-like treat from their Dads. He will make you feel special in many ways that he knows. A priceless treatment that any daughters will love and cherish for a lifetime.

3. He is willing to learn and explore new things.


Dads are awesome because they are willing to dress up, wear make-ups, attend tea parties and playfully act like a lady for their kids. Isn’t it cute and touching to see your daddy doing everything just to make you, her precious one, smiling and happy?

4. He will always be your number one fan.


In everything you do, he’s always at your back supporting you all the way. All dads are satisfied to see their children happy in what they do. Whether you succeed or fail, rest assured he’s there to encourage and cheer you up.

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5. He will never break your heart.


We may all have our fair share of first love and first heartache that made us realize a lot of things about life. In the end, there is one man who will never break our hearts. The man who can be strict and protective with his kids, especially when it comes to their daughters because he doesn’t want to see them cry and broken.

He may not be perfect all the time, but in the eyes of his family and children he is enough. As children, we all should be grateful that we have fathers who’s earnestly guiding, leading the family and loving us.

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Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there!

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