An Extensive List of Freelance Websites for Filipinos Who Hustle

list of freelance websites for filipinos

An Extensive List of Freelance Websites for Filipinos Who Hustle

They say that millennials only know how to complain. But they rarely talk about how we know to hustle. We do not settle for less. In fact, we might actually be one the most hard-working generations. We no longer just work to survive. We now work to thrive.

Millennials are always in the search to earn more. Be it to fund their travels or hobbies or to pay for their younger sibling’s tuition, having a job on the side is necessary. These days, having a full-time job is not enough to support yourself nor your whims. And if you’re the breadwinner of the family, heck, even having two jobs may not suffice. That’s why having a freelance job on the side helps.

Thank goodness there are freelance job websites that offer gigs ranging from writing to coding to pretty much field there is. Most of the work are home-based online jobs, but if you’ll search thoroughly, you’ll find one that fits your schedule and meets your monthly goal earnings.

Freelance Websites for Filipinos

For the Jack-of-all-Trades

This list of freelance websites offer gigs ranging from web development to graphic design to translation to writing. If you’re a jack of all trades, it’ll be best to see what jobs are out there that can best fit your talents. Be it a web based job or one that puts you in the field, the following websites got you covered.

  • Raket.ph – From the website name itself, this is the place to go when you need a raket. Build up your profile and portfolio and wait for the invitations to roll in. But of course, you can also be a go-getter and look for the jobs yourself.
  • Onlinejobs.ph – Tired of job listings saying they don’t want to hire Filipinos? Well, you’ve found the place that specifically offers online jobs for Filipinos.
  • Freelancer.ph – Compete with fellow Filipino freelancers by bidding on the best jobs. May the best freelancer win. Come up with the best proposal to work with big brands.
  • Craigslist.com.ph – The jobs posted on the site are grouped into regions, too. It’s easy to search for work as the listings are grouped per category. Some of the jobs posted are not just homebased, too!
  • Freelancing.ph – Turn your dream of being a full-time freelancer with Freelancing.ph.
  • Upwork.com – After partnering with the now defunct Elance.com, Upwork is arguably the largest name among the freelance websites on this list.
  • iFreelance.com – Unlike other job boards, iFreelance.com lets employer and jobseeker collaborate directly, meaning, there’s no fees! This means freelances will get 100% of their earnings, instead having a percentage of it go to the website.
  • LinkedIn.com – Yes, it’s definitely possible to jumpstart your freelance career with LinkedIn.

For Home-based Freelance Writers

Are words your primary source of living? These freelance websites for writers offer some of the best terms and already established themselves as the most reliable on the field. They may not pay the highest, but for freelance writing newbies, this is a pretty good place to start.

  • Essays.ph – The writing jobs on the website is not limited to just articles and blogs. With their extensive list of clients, you can find a wide range of writing gigs from blog writing to link building to programming!
  • Paypercontent.net – Write anytime and anywhere you want with Paypercontent.net. They offer some of the most flexible terms in the freelance writing industry.
  • Freelancewritinggigs.com – Their job board offers some pretty delicious freelance writing gigs.
  • TripZilla.com – Do you love to travel and write about it? Tripzilla accepts contributors! Aside from earning from your travel stories, this is a good way to build your portfolio, too.
  • Philihappy.com – Here’s a way to showcase your love for writing and the Philippines. It’s all feel good writing here. (P.S. They’re looking for photographers, too!)
  • Probloggers.net – The site doesn’t just offer pro blogging tips, they also have a job board that lists interesting and exciting freelance writing gigs.

For Online English Teachers

Filipinos are known to be savvy English speakers, and the amount of websites cropping up looking for Filipino English teachers proves this.

  • Rarejob.ph – When it comes to online English tutor opportunities, Rarejob is the first one that comes to mind. They have long established their name in the field, and there’s no danger of getting scammed with this one. Put your English skills to good use by teaching English to the Japanese.
  • 51talk.com – Teach English to the Chinese from the comforts of your own home. The public-listed company offers flexible terms that’s perfect for those who have a full-time job, too.
  • Bizmates.ph – They may be new to the game, but they’re already offering competitive terms and pricing. They have part-time and full-time positions, too.

For Creatives & Techies

  • 99designs.com – Join contests and get your design picked. It will not only hone your talents, but it will even nurture your competitive streak.
  • Airtasker – Find a design job with this new platform. You have the option to choose which jobs you like, and the job poster would then select among the applicants.  They created a great guide on how their platform works here.
  • Peopleperhour.com – Set your rate per hour and let the jobs come to you. The website mainly focuses on web projects, such as social media, SEO, web development, and design.
  • Toptotal.com – Put your design skills and coding expertise to good use with Toptotal.com. When it comes to freelance web development jobs, this one is the most trusted.
  • Demandmedia.com – Want to get your creative juices flowing? This is the website for writers, photographers, film makers, and all types of artists who need a side hustle.
  • Behance.net – Behance is not just a place to showcase your work, it’s also where you can find work. Scour their job board and find the perfect design job for you.
  • WPHired.com – Are you a WordPress genius? Then WPHired.com needs someone like you.

Tips on How to Successfully Get a Freelance Job:

1. Make your profile work for you.

For job boards like Upwork and Raket.ph, having a rockin’ profile is your ticket to heaven. Think of it as selling yourself, and to do that, list down all your talents. Highlight the things that you do best, and spice it up with other skills that can give you an edge.

2. Work on your portfolio.

When pitching, it’ll be a good idea to add a link to your portfolio. But what if you don’t have one? Then it’s time that you start building one. This is not just for attracting freelance gigs, but even long term ones. Professionals working in the creative field will find it particularly beneficial.

3. Create your own blog.

Blog about your works, showcase your variety of skills, detail the process of your projects. You can do so much wth your blog, and if it’s good enough, it can even serve as your portfolio.

4. Know your worth.

Find out how other freelancers earn for the kind of work you’re eyeing. Even for freelancers, you must never settle for a salary that’s worth less than your talents. And remember, never work for free

5. Keep growing.

For freelancers, it’s not enough that you have a skill that you’re particularly good at. The best freelancers are the ones who continuously develop their talents and add more skills to their resume. Keep learning, keep growing, and you’ll keep getting good freelance gigs.

Happy hustlin’!

Have a freelance secret you’re willing to spill? Share you most trusted freelance site on the comment section below!

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