Beyond the Classroom: Five Things to Love about Teaching

Beyond the Classroom: Five Things to Love about Teaching


When I was a kid, I was one of those students who loved to observe my teachers. I watched them as they entered the room, paid attention to the way they spoke and listened as they discussed their lessons; I even checked how they held chalks and wrote notes on the board. Back then, I saw myself mimicking my teachers as soon as I arrive home. I secretly bought my own box of dustless chalks, wrote keywords from the discussions we had for the day, and stood in from of my bed pretending to be like my teachers. This was how I reviewed then and now it feels weird recalling such experience.

Never did it cross my mind that I’d end up in the teaching field, but I would always consider it as my blessed detour in life.

Here are five things to love about teaching:

1. You feel like you’re a student again

Teaching challenges you to keep learning. Even if you are a teacher who discusses lessons and constructs test questions, you are also a student of life. You have to keep yourself updated with the things going on around you and in your field. You continue to take up courses and units, take down notes, and even write another thesis. There is always an opportunity for you to learn new things in this field and share what you know to your students.

2. Every day is a new page

One of the great things about teaching is that you have something new and exciting to look forward to every single day. Other people think that teaching is but a routinary job- you discuss, give quizzes, check, and record. This is the traditional way of viewing it. Being a teacher in the 21st century allows one to be “surprised” at how his or her lessons would go about, or how the students would investigate answers on their own. Every day, there are scenarios that could either make you happy, sad, or annoyed.

3. Workmates turned Friends

In teaching, you find people who enjoy the same passion as yours and enjoy learning as much as you do. If the students think they are the naughtiest, take some time to check your workmates- they will make you realize that even if some days can be very demanding and tiring, there are still plenty of reasons to have some fun. One good thing about having your workmates as your friends is that, you can talk about your experiences every day and never get tired of hearing them. You also get to learn from them as all of you come from different fields and each one has something new to share. Lastly, you have a set of friends who will understand your cravings after a long day.

4. Learning from your students

Gone are the days when all knowledge comes from teachers. One of the joys of teaching is that you give the students the chance to share what they know. Students in the 21st century have plenty of avenues to learn aside from school. These kids learn how to sing, dance, and draw by merely watching videos from Youtube and they are quick learners. Students nowadays, want to be heard and want to contribute to discussions. If you come across such instances, allow the students to talk, and allow yourself to learn from them. Some students also experience heavy burdens in life, listen to them and learn as well.

5. Feeling a sense of fulfillment

At the end of the day, week, month, quarter, and school year, you get the sense of fulfillment of having been able to touch the life of a student. You may have been strict or kind to him or her, but you now became part of your student’s life. There is a sense of fulfillment that you are able to share your knowledge to certain individuals who will grow up to become fine men and women who will also touch the lives of other people.

These are just five of the many things to love about teaching. If you are still one of those who consider teaching as a boring job, think again. If you are one of those who can be teachers but is afraid of the demands of the work, think again because there is more to teaching than discussions, quizzes, and projects. Allow yourself to be in the field that allows you to create other professions.

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Are you a teacher? What are your fondest memories about teaching? Share them below! 

Author’s Bio: Maia Gonzales is a passion, purpose and creativity-driven woman. She loves everything about the 90s, the beach, the sun, and touching lives. She is a teacher by profession but will always be a student of life. She blogs at MISS X MAIA.

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