6 Freelance Job Sites for the Workaholic Millennials

6 Freelance Job Sites for the Workaholic Millennials


Being employed while having the benefit of a flexible working schedule is not something all employees can enjoy. Lucky are those who have this kind of schedule. You can hang out with friend/s, go on some food trips, watch movies, and even schedule a flight just right after your working hours. These are simply the best experiences you can enjoy when you manage your own time.

Another advantage of having a flexible time is that you get a chance to become a freelancer and earn a additional income without dealing with your employer in person. On the other hand, freelance jobs are open to anyone who would like to earn extra income. Even if you are a student, already working, or always at home, you are encouraged to try your hands on having a freelance jobs. If you want to fill your extra time with something useful, why not look for some real online income opportunities or freelance jobs. It might seem hard at first but hey, there is no harm in trying.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll surely enjoy searching in various freelance sites that is worthy of your time and will give you an additional income as well.

Freelancing will absolutely help you in saving up for rainy days. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your laptop, sit down, and start browsing the web and look for trustworthy websites that can give you opportunities to work at the comfort of your home. Here are some available freelancing sites where you can freely choose the job that will fit your schedule:

1. Elance

This is a popular place for freelancers. It was first launched in 1999 and was recognized by CNET’s Webware 100 in 2009. There are lots of opportunities that you can find in this site. This site provides an avenue for freelancers to find really good projects and employers to hire the best freelancers. In order for you to get hired in here, you have to bid for the project. You will be ask to write a proposal and prove how skilled and dedicated worker you are. If the employer likes your proposal, you will get the job.

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2. OnlineJobs.ph

It offers job opportunities in different fields such as SEO, virtual assistant , Php Programming, article writing, bookkeeping, and social media projects. You can try to pick what you think you can handle well. It is easy to express your interest for a specific job that you want since your message can be directly sent to an employer. Of course it may take some time before you receive a response.

3. Freelancer.com

This is site is known to be of of the largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowd-sourcing websites. It’s is one of the reliable sites for some newbies in freelance writing. Other job opportunities include SEO marketing, web designing, logo making, etc.

4. Freelancewritingjobs.ph

Unlike other freelance job sites, this one focuses on article writing. In this site, you can have a variety of jobs that you think you might enjoy. The categories of the writing topics are also included so you have the liberty to choose which job you think suits you best.

5. Craigslist

Unlike the freelancing sites mentioned above, Craigslist is considered to be an open site in which you can freely choose a job of your choice and just send an email that they provide and just patiently wait for their reply. But there are some complaints of scam/bogus jobs being offered in the site. Therefore, job seekers has to be careful and choose their employers well before sending your resume.

6. RareJob

Rarejob is a freelancing site that offers English tutorial to Japanese students. The good thing about this is that freelancers can handle their time accordingly. Plus, freelancers learn some Japanese words and develop their English skills in return. A freelance job that provides a steady income is not easy to find, particularly high-paying ones. It requires a lot of patience, a bit of perseverance, and optimism. Expect that you will encounter some failed transactions because that’s just how freelance job hunting works. Sometimes you receive a response immediately from employers but there are times that you don’t. In spite of that, keep on trying until you get a good freelance project that suits your time and skills.

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Are you into freelancing jobs? Feel free to share some available resources and freelancing tips that work for you.


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