What We Can’t Stop Talking About This Week (May 31)

What We Can’t Stop Talking About This Week (May 31)

This week we talked about work, inspiration, passion, heart break and life. We even went down the memory lane, and remembered the cartoons that made our childhood unforgettable. Here is a quick review of this week’s posts. See if you missed some:

  1. Monday Mixtape: A Korean Drama Soundtrack Playlist – We don’t watch our dose of Korean dramas just because of Lee Min Ho or Shin Min Ah. We also enjoy listening to its soundtrack no matter how hard it is to understand.
  2. For the Burnouts: 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself at Work – Never let go of your career and goals just because you are getting demotivated at work. Read this article to help you.
  3. 18 More Cartoons That Defined Our ’90s Childhood – Cartoons? Anime? Whatever it is called, we know you can’t resist feeling nostalgic over this 90’s Cartoons.
  4. The First Cut is Always the Deepest – Some are fortunate enough to have their first love their lifetime partners. Others, however, are not. True, first heartbreak is definitely cruel.
  5. 12 Romantic Movies From Our Asian Neighbors – Sometimes, sweet, romantic movies are all you need to make a dull day happy. See what movies our Asian neighbors can offer.
  6. Things That Make Us Doubt the Philippines Is a Third World Country – We just can’t help but doubt if Filipinos are living in a third world country.
  7. 8 Favorite Quotes From The Fault in Our Stars – We love the book, we are anticipating the movie. But for now, we want to remember the beautiful lines from The Fault in Our Stars.
READ  8 Favorite Quotes From The Fault in Our Stars

It is the end of May! We hope you learned something from our stories these past few weeks. We are getting ready for June, so we hope you are too!

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