What We Can’t Stop Talking About This Week (July 19)

What We Can’t Stop Talking About This Week (July 19)

Hello fellow Manillennials!

It has been a difficult week for us because of Glenda, but we managed to survive. In case you are one of the people who missed our stories this week because of the rotating power outage, here are the stories you missed:

  1. 10 Must-Try Coffee Shops Around the Metro– What is the perfect partner for the rainy season? Coffee! And if you are a coffee lover, you’d love to visit these 10 coffee shops in Manila- raining or not.
  2. 7 Things I Wish to See in She’s Dating the Gangster Movie– We read the book, and we hope that they manage to give justice to the story of book. Here are what we want to see in this coming Kathniel movie.
  3. Unwritten Social Rules Every Pinoy Must Follow When Commuting– It is not just traffic that bugs us during our everyday commute to school or office. Sometimes it’s the people we encounter in the public transportation are the ones that irk us the most.
  4. 10 Years Later: Revisiting Cinemalaya’s Best Films– It is Cinemalaya’s 10th anniversary. We are optimistic and excited about this year’s movie but before that, let us look back that the past indie films we loved and enjoy.
  5. 5 W’s in Life That We Need to Keep in Mind– Becoming a better person can be easy. Sometimes it only takes this 5 W’s in life to be happy, contented, and successful in life.

What’s your favorite story from this week? What else do you want to see from us? Tell us in the comments below!

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