Legit Reasons Why the Rainy Season Rocks

Legit Reasons Why the Rainy Season Rocks

We’ve said goodbye to beach weather, and now says hello to bed weather. For a homebody, it’s the perfect season to stay in and cuddle with a good book and a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Granted, the rainy season brings so much damage to our country every year. We experience chest-high floods around the metro, and our provinces suffer so much from devastating typhoons. When there’s a signal no. 1 storm hitting the city and you still have to go to work, you sometimes wish it’s summer all over again. After all, no one wants to waddle through a padded street or to be stuck in the office overnight. But we cannot disregard the comfort rainy days usually bring, especially when we’re indoors. A rainy day is made perfect if you can actually stay indoors.

For a country that goes through incredible heat and humidity for half of the year, the colder days are a welcoming change.

Sleeping is suddenly a hundred times more comfortable.

little mermaid bed

Remember the nights when you can’t even fall asleep because of the heat? Well, those nights are gone and won’t come back till a few more months. Now, we can just be glad that we can wrap ourselves in our warm blanket at night.

And you don’t wake up in a pool of your own sweat.


Waking up is just as awful as trying to sleep. You wake up hours before your alarm starts ringing because it’s too hot and the electric fan does very little to help you. But now, you can even sleep comfortably without having to use the fan.

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You might as well call it the Champorado Season.

eating soup

Or alternate it with your favorite soup-based Filipino food. You swear you can eat mami, lugaw, and sopas on a daily basis.

You have a rational excuse to go for your third cup of coffee. Or fourth.

18 cups of coffee

Because it’s cold. Of course you deserve another mug of coffee any time of the day.

And more reasons to stay in during the weekend.


It’s raining so hard. Why would you even think of leaving the comforts of your bed? There are books, movies and TV series waiting for you to devour.

Unless it’s raining heavily, you arrive to work fresh and relaxed.

elsa walk

Not drenched from sweat like during summer days. It’s a relief to walk in the office without heaving from tiredness and the heat.

It means Christmas is around the corner!


Even though there are still five months till the most celebrated time of the year. You can now start the countdown.

You don’t have to worry about sweat stains.


So many great outfits ruined because of a terrible sweat stain. Remember when no matter what you wear you end sweating like a pig once you spend five minutes walking outside?

No one will question your decision to wear boots.


In a country like ours, you get weird stares from wearing uncommon fashion items. But during a colder weather, it seems perfectly normal to wear your favorite boots, and you can avoid the weird stares.

Finally, sweaters!


It’s the season to bring out your sweaters from the baul and start layering! I prefer my oversized sweaters over thin, sleeveless tops any day. It’s like bringing my blanket anywhere I go.

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What’s your favorite thing about rainy days? Or do you actually prefer the sweltering heat of summer?

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