10 Unusual Words That Reflect Our Everyday Lives

10 Unusual Words That Reflect Our Everyday Lives

Words are important part of communication. Not just merely and hollow words, but something that convey a valuable message and make sure to leave an essential meaning to our lives.

Words are part of language. Language is dynamic and could change someone’s perspective.

What we say and what we write makes a difference. Our words change us and the people around us. While there’s a shift in different medium (blogging, published articles), the one thing that will never change is the importance of spreading ideas.

However, there are certain words that sounds like a joke. We ask ourselves if it really exist or maybe someone’s just fooling around. These may be words that don’t belong to your era but will definitely leave a permanent mark on your vocabulary. There may be set of words that you definitively hate but you can’t do anything about it because it’s been a part of the culture on a certain time and you really have to deal with them (Sample: #Boompanes).  They may not be part of your mother tongue, but surely it conveys a message to ponder on.

Orenda (Huron)


 Madrugada (Portuguese)


Cheiloproclitic (English)


Kilig (Filipino)


 Backpfeifengesicht (German)


Tcaj (Thai)


Resfeber (Swedish)


B’shert (Yiddish)


Gattara (Italian)


Parea (Greek)



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