10 Part Time Online Jobs You Can Start Now

10 Part Time Online Jobs You Can Start Now

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As technology gives us the opportunity to work from anywhere, more and more people are grabbing this chance to earn money while working while at home.

The jobs now from different online outsourcing sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Onlinejobsph, keep on growing in numbers. If you want a very flexible working hours, you definitely need to try getting a home-based job.
If you’re not happy with your current office job, this is the best time to start a part-time online job. You can make it full time later once you familiarized yourself with the industry.

Listed below are 10 of the most common jobs you can apply for online on a part-time basis:

1. Virtual Assistant

For small and even big business owners, virtual assistants are very helpful. Outsourcing talents from overseas reduces the cost of operation, reduce level of stress, and increases rate of productivity. Profit is the main goal of every business and therefore virtual assistants are perfect in many business operation.

If you are organized, has good oral and written communication skills, computer literate, and flexible in work, you can consider virtual assistance as your online job.

2. English Tutor

If you want to become an English tutor, it would be best for you to take courses and get certifications so you can position yourself as a qualified tutor. This way, you can increase your value and professionalize your craft.

There’s a high demand for English tutor in nearby Asian countries such as Korea and Japan. This is a perfect time to showcase your English skills. For part-time tutor, you can earn around Php 18,000 per month. For the full-time tutors, around Php 30,000 every month.

3. Digital Marketer

Digital marketer is the one that promotes the business to customers or other business. Typically, a digital marketer works with a team that consists of web developer, content writer, and social media manager.

If you’re familiar with the following, you can become a digital marketer:

  • Web Design/development
  • Google Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Platforms

4. Data Entry

If you are proficient in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, have fast typing skills, and detail oriented, you can apply for data entry jobs. This job is volume based. Clients will only pay high rate for high volume works for it to become a stable source of income.

5. Web Design

If you’re still a student, you can start applying for web design jobs on the internet. If you know the latest trend in web design and you know how to implement good UI/UX, you can start at $3 per hour on Upwork.com.

Since most people browse through their smartphones, skill in designing mobile ready websites is a must-have. Better start creating your portfolio and showcase it to your clients to win more jobs.

6. Blogging

Companies that has blog section on their websites are more popular compared to sites that has no blog. This is why most companies today hire bloggers to produce regular contents for their websites. You can start it on a part time basis then you can make it your full time business later on.

If you have the following skills, you might want to work as a blogger or content-writer:

  • Different writing styles
  • Research skills
  • Marketing Skills

7. Transcription

A transcriber is someone who writes down what the other guy is saying. You will be just putting into words typically a conversation of two or more people. If you want to pursue this kind of work, it is recommended that you go through several training.

In this kind of job, you only need to invest in a good computer, foot pedal, quality headset, and reliable internet service provider.

8. Customer Service Representative

Many foreign clients prefer Filipino Customer Service Representatives over other nationalities due to the neutral English accent of the Filipinos. If you’ve been in a BPO industry before, you might want to try apply online. The standard rate for CSR agents is usually $3 per hour.

For you to become an effective customer service, you must be well versed in the following areas:

  • English Communication
  • Writing/Composing Emails
  • Chat support
  • Phone handling skills

9. Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr.com is one of the places on the internet where you can earn from doing just about anything you can think of. You got talents? Ranging from normal to the weirdest of things you can think of, as long as you can monetize it, you can do it on Fiverr. Everything starts from $5, and you can add more options to earn more.

You can offer graphics design, video yourself to do something, do a beat box for somebody, do video editing, fix websites, and many more. Your imagination is your limit.

10. Consultancy Service

If you’re into Legal, Medical, Financial, or Fitness, or knowledgeable in any field, you can offer a consultancy job online. Many people are seeking for guidance and assistance in many different field. You can have a part time income from offering your service.

Many companies today recognize how online employment can help them improve their businesses. Working at the comforts of your home while being with your loved ones is the dreams a typical employee could ever have. So find that job that best suites you now!

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