13 Best Minsan Ikaw Memes You Can Tell Your Frenemies

13 Best Minsan Ikaw Memes You Can Tell Your Frenemies

Viral memes are funny, but admit it, most of the ones you see online are badly manipulated and executed. No matter how funny they are, you frustratingly wish some person with an eye for design would overhaul them.

Well, one guy thought the same way. Only, he did it himself.

Gio Miniano once laughed with the Minsan Ikaw memes he saw two years ago. But he thought, ‘pangit ng pagka-edit.’ So with his skills in Adobe Photoshop, background in stand-up comedy, and his interest to make his friends laugh, he recreated the old memes into something better.

His Minsan Ikaw version are cleaner, and are designed with better graphics and uniformed layout. And just like the famous Princess Sarah memes, it instantly became a hit on Facebook and Twitter. Mostly because of its bitter messages, which apparently passive-aggressive Filipinos find funny.

Here are some of the best Minsan Ikaw memes, you can actually tell to people you know:

1. To your friends who are always present whenever there is food


2. To your dormmates, whenever you enter the common bathroom


3. To the girl on the jeep who feels GGSS

Foundation Day

4. To the guy standing beside you on the bus


5. To the bum relatives living in your house


6. To the librarian in your school


7. To your friends who are always absent in group outings


8. To the people who took what’s rightfully yours


9. To yourself about your crush


10. To yourself when your crush smiles at you


11. To your boyfriend every time you plan a date


12. To your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend


13. To yourself after your boyfriend left you for another girl

(Photo credit: Gio Miniano of GIOMET3)

What is your favorite? Do you have a Minsan Ikaw meme? Share it below.

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