Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Might Be Best the One Ever

shinzo abe at the olympics

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Might Be Best the One Ever

When the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appeared at the closing ceremony at the Olympics dressed as Super Mario, then we pretty much know that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be awesome for sports fans and geeks alike.

At the closing ceremony, a promotional video for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo was shown. It featured some of Japan’s icons like Doraemon and Pacman. And of course, they had to end it perfectly by having the Japan PM dressed like Super Mario. He uses a warp tunnel in Japan to travel straight to stage of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Yes, it cannot be cooler than that.

Watch the promotional video below:

I was half expecting Straw Hat Luffy to Jet Gatling his way on screen, Totoro to cross the streets of Shibuya, and Olympians chasing after a Pikachu. But alas, having Doraemon and Nobita flying around Tokyo, Captain Tsubasa doing his signature overhead kick, and Super Mario using the warp tunnel to go to Rio de Janeiro isn’t so bad.

If the promotional video isn’t enough to convince you to book that flight to Tokyo, then please know that they plan to populate the Olympic Village not just with athletes but also robots.

So, it is 2020 summer Olympics yet?

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