School Supplies That Made You the Coolest Kid in Class

School Supplies That Made You the Coolest Kid in Class

There are many ways to be the most loved, famous, and looked-up student in school when we’re kids. It can you be the looks, above the average grades, expertise in sports during P.E class or one of a kind talent.

But sometimes it’s the smallest of things that makes your classmates ogle with excitement. Just like when your parents bought you a certain school supply during the start of the school year. You’re the only one who has it and your classmates envy you for that.

Here are the items that made you the coolest student in school during the 90s:

Different Shades of Colors from your 64 pack Crayola

crayola 64-pack

(Photo credit: Flicker)

No, 12 and 24 wont impress! 64 will do it!

Scented markers that smell good

Mr Sketch Scented Markers

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Sometimes, you smell the pen all the time that it leaves marks on your nose.

Assorted Gel Pens you used to play FLAMES

Milky Gel Pen

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Ow the envy of your friends when you bring out your multitude of gel pens including the neon ones. And who would forget the most coveted pastel and white pens?

A whole set of art supplies during Art class

Art Set

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Because the more the merrier, they say.

Magic pencils and pencils with trendy toppers


(Photo credit: Pinterest/Playbuzz)

Either it’s a mechanical pencil or the multi-point pencil, you’re in when you own one. Plus, don’t forget about the colorful pencil grip and troll pencil toppers!

The legendary blue eraser that removes ink


(Photo credit: theawesomedaily.com)

…by removing the paper as well.

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Those candy looking erasers

Collection of Vintage Erasers

(Photo credit: PoniesOfDooom)

Which don’t seem to erase anything.

Notebook with a cover of your favorite 90’s actor

Judy Ann Notebook

(Photo credit: Photobucket)

Because you can’t stand not seeing them 24 hours a day. Back then actors who were on the covers of notebooks are considered popular. You can hardly find one nowadays!

These Multi-Colored pens

Multi-Colored Pen

(Photo credit: rhinestonearmadillo)

And your badass way of trying to push two colors at once.

Power Penz

Power Penz- Rim Shot

(Photo credit: xandersbriantoyandactionfigureblog.wordpress.com)

They’re the coolest pens ever and when you’re bored, you can transform it into a game. The most popular Power Pen is the Rim Short model that transforms into a basketball court, complete with balls and ring!

Transformer-like pencil case

Pencil Case

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

With built-in sharpener!

Pinball maze ruler you play at class

Ruler with Maze

(Photo credit: Imgur)

…instead of listening to your teacher.

And of course, a trolley bag you brag in the school corridor

barbie trolley bag

(Photo credit: momonlinemag)

Because why not? They let you bring your 12 notebooks and books everyday and rescue your back when it cannot stand the weight. The struggle is real without this bag!

Honestly most of these school items are useless. You break and lost them anyways even before the end of the school year ends. At least, these items made the first day of school so much memorable. They made you gain friends and even enemies!

Do you own these items when you were a student?

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