From Elbi to Makati with Love

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From Elbi to Makati with Love

It could have been just another afternoon, but seeing you at the lobby as I went down the stairs almost had me running back to the classroom. I threaded slowly, carefully, hoping that you wouldn’t see me there. I wanted to say hi, but seeing you surrounded by friends had me cowering away.

My heart thumped loudly in my chest, followed by the burning sensation behind my ears and the quickening of my footsteps. Seeing you in a crowded hall full of students was enough to make me hurry out of there. While the glimpse of you could certainly make my day, I was too shy and too nervous to say hi.

It was when the sight of you was enough to turn me into a nervous train wreck, and a simple text message was enough to turn the dullest day into the most thrilling one.

On the weeks and months that followed, our little afternoon dates were punctuated with awkward silences and even more awkward laughter. I prayed that I didn’t blush too much when the back of my hand brushed with the back of yours. I prayed that you didn’t hear my heart beating wildly in my chest, screaming for me to have a little more confidence.

Soon, my heartbeats slowed down into a comfortable rhythm. It fell in sync with our everyday routine. It fell perfectly in place within the chaos happening around us, but never between us. There’s no more shy smiles, because we always have things to laugh about. There’s no more deafening silence, because there’s no longer a pause to our free-flowing conversations.

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Months turned into years, and your movement and words still influence the tempo of my heart. When my heart is pounding from stress and anger, you’re the one who slows it down. From a maddening panic, you calm me down and soothe the heart ready to jump out of my chest.

From the sprawling fields of our campus to the crowded streets of Makati, the sight of you has me stopping in my tracks. But it’s different this time. I no longer turn away. I now walk, run, skip towards you, knowing that finally, my day’s about to get better.

They say that years will kill the passion and drain the excitement out of any relationship, we somehow keep it all alive. They say that nothing lasts forever, but at least we try to make it last for a long time.

Our love has grown far more than we ever imagined, and our hearts are closer than what we deemed possible. Somehow, we’ve turned the improbable into our daily reality.

Now, my heartbeat matched yours, only speeding up from time to time from your little surprises. Though you’re the only one who can make my heart calm down in the middle of a crazy day, you’re still the only one that can make it crazily race.

Now, I’m not running away. Now, I’m not going anywhere.


(Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures)

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