9 Things We Don’t Wish To Experience During Christmas Season

9 Things We Don’t Wish To Experience During Christmas Season

The yuletide season is the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the busiest and most stressful time for many of us.

Before December arrives, festive pressure starts to mount. We are already pretty busy on different things aside from our regular businesses. Most people, particularly the working professionals, are already running around frantically planning for their year-end projects, Christmas parties, holiday shopping and gift wrapping.

Although, there are lots to love about Christmasm there are also things that we hate during this season. When we say we hate these things, we aren’t really hostile toward the meaning of Christmas, we just dislike some troubles we usually experience during the holidays.

1. The Hassle of Shopping

The Hassle of Shopping.(GIF Credit: Giphy.com)

Some says the best time to go shopping is during the holiday season. But before you find the right gifts for everyone on your list, you need to brave the crowds and survive all the shopping madness.

2. The Struggle of Traveling

traffic(Image Credit: Panoramio.com/ matzky)

As much as we want to avoid traffic in the metro, there’s nothing we can do about it, for now. Even the government is trying some schemes, like “Christmas Loops” and adjusting malls’ operating hours, to somehow alleviate traffic congestion and ease gridlock in the vicinity of shopping malls. We are hopeful that their strategy can at least lessen traffic woes this Christmas. Because getting stuck in traffic during rush hour feels like…

The Struggle of Traveling(GIF Credit: Indipepper.com)

3. Increase of Crime Rates

The Increase of Crime Rates (1)

 (GIF Credit: Giphy.com)

There are more crimes committed as Christmas approaches and this isn’t new anymore. This happens not only in the Philippines but also in different parts of the world. The reason behind the rise of crime levels is that some people can’t afford certain things or want to have a nice Christmas. So for everyone’s safety, be vigilant and extra careful when you do your shopping online or in the stores. Do not give chance for thieves to target your important valuables and personal information.

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4. Dealing with Line-Cutters

Dealing with Line-Cutters. (1)

 (GIF Credit: Giphy.com)

During holidays, you will definitely encounter variety of line cutters. It’s really infuriating to meet this kind of people because waiting in a long line for hours requires a lot of patience. If you’re going to confront the line cutter, do it politely and don’t overreact. Just let them know they have violated the sacred social code of waiting, and it’s rude for people to cut in line.

5. Prices Being so Incredibly High

Prices Being so Incredibly High.

(GIF Credit: Giphy.com)

It’s the season to spend a lot but you don’t want to experience bankruptcy shortly after Christmas or New Year, right? To avoid this to happen, make sure to buy everything you need for Noche Buena ahead of time. Because as the demand gets higher, expect that prices will increase as well. Also, Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive. The key is to be resourceful and to use creativity to give the perfect gifts to your loved ones.

6. Great Christmas Sales Everywhere

Great Christmas Sales everywhere 2

(GIF Credit: Giphy.com)

With all the Christmas sales in every shopping mall and stores, no doubt that you will be spending more money than you intended. Even if you have bought all the presents for your family and friends, once you see a SALE sign, you cannot help but to go with the crowd.

Great Christmas Sales everywhere

7. Having to Work during the Holidays

Having to Work during the Holidays

(GIF Credit: Giphy.com)

You won’t jump for joy if you find out that you need to work during holidays while others are enjoying their Christmas gatherings and gifts with their families. Since you will spend the holidays at work, just focus on the benefits you can get from it instead of getting mad.

8. Mending a Broken Heart

Mending a Broken Heart

 (GIF Credit: Giphy.com)

Breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend just right before Christmas might not be a good idea. But if you think that there’s no way you can save the relationship, I tell you mending a broken heart during these “merry” moments is the hardest. It’s not easy to survive a holiday break up at this time because wherever you turn, surely there are happy couples around. And that feeling really sucks! While everyone’s happy and in love, you are alone in that corner of misery.

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9. Being Away from Family

Being Away from Family

(GIF Credit: Giphy.com)

There’s nothing more distressing than to being away from your loved ones during Christmas. Loneliness is really difficult to take especially in this joyful time.  But even if you’re far from your relatives, you can still do things to get the most out of the holiday season. So yeah, better stop your ‘self-pity party’ and find ways on how you can enjoy Christmas alone.

The entire holiday season brings a smile to everyone’s faces and you can just feel the happiness everywhere. However, even if we are all anticipating the obvious perks that this festivity offers, we still can’t avoid the stress happening around us. Despite of these hateful moments during Christmas time, let’s just enjoy and not forget the real purpose of why we celebrate Christmas–Jesus’ birth.

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