To All the Boys I’ve Met

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To All the Boys I’ve Met

Consider this as an open letter for I haven’t had the right time to tell them one by one. Consider this as a confession since I never had the courage to tell them how thankful I am that they shared some time with me and taught me some valuable lessons. I just lived in the moment I shared with them.

Though I haven’t shared romantic relationships with all of them, they came and dropped by to say Hello and took time to laugh and talk with me. I think they were just lessons I need to consume and remember the good old times.

Sometimes, I wish that one of them should stay, but I guess, they’re heading out the opposite way. They only stayed for a while and then went to their own destination, but who cares, I enjoyed their company. At least they made an impact to my tiny brain and beating heart.

So, to all the boys I’ve met in the muddy and dusty road, cheers!

To the former instructor

Thank you because you were my inspiration for my first short story. You were the protagonist’s ideal person in the story. You got my interest and decided to like you for two solid years. I experienced the first heartache of unrequited feelings with you. It was also the first time that I exposed my thoughts and feelings towards you. Thank you because you didn’t laugh when I told you “I like you”. It was when I learned how to courageously say what I really feel without any hesitation and guilt.

To the second boyfriend

Thank you for fulfilling the puppy love I never had during the elementary and high school days. Yes, my friends, my puppy love was such a late bloomer, but nevertheless, it was a good thing to remember. All I had back then was the ‘I like you’ and I think, that was enough to sustain the 1-month of togetherness.

To the mama’s boy

Thank you for making me realize that I can’t be with someone whom I really don’t like/love at all. I’m sorry if I wasted your time but I did try my best to be a good partner. But of course, I didn’t succeed. I’m so thankful to realize that I shouldn’t settle with someone just because they like me or I’m just too nice not to say no. The feelings should always be mutual. Just like religion, don’t shove your feelings with someone. It sucks big time.

To the older one

Thank you for all the laughs and jokes. It was a good experience to talk to someone who can be authoritative and humorous at the same time. I guess that was enough. No more, no less.

To the person who has a restless feet and mind

Thank you for everything. Thank you because you taught me to love and surprisingly, I had the capacity to love without hate. I was able to do some things for the first time and I never thought I can do them without hesitation. Thank you for opening my eyes to appreciate the things I have. Thank you because you instill the value of love for traveling and discovering new things. Thank you for the endless topics to talk about. Thank you for the early morning debates on politics and religion and in the end, we just settle to laugh about it. Thank you for the walks filled with jokes and serious thoughts on life. Thank you for the heartache because suddenly I felt I’m alive. Though I know there’s a period on this one, I’m still thankful.

How about saying thank you to the boy who made you smile or laugh? Go!


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