The ‘Viral Cute Eye Doctor in Town’ has Brothers

The ‘Viral Cute Eye Doctor in Town’ has Brothers

Yes, you read that right. In fact, he has two!

A couple of days ago, netizens went crazy over the cutest ophthalmologist in town through a video that launched the thousand shares and left women wanting to have their eyes checked.

One article said that he has ‘less charming’ brothers but we are here to let you all decide for yourself. So being the innate researcher that we are, we did a little stalking (yes, just a little) and we are generous enough to share what we have found out.


 (Photo Credit: @markagasmd)

Seems like these three carry the hotness and overachieving genes.

Let us start with the guy that started it all, Mark Agas. We already know that he is a resident from St. Luke’s Medical Center and that he was a part of Cosmo’s Bachelor of 2014. Now that McDreamy and McSteamy are already out of Grey’s, maybe Shonda Rimes wouldn’t mind putting in a new character whose specialization is Ophthalmology, don’t you think?

Ryan Agas (@ryanagasmd) is also a doctor (Radiology Oncology Resident in UST) like his brother.

ryan agas
Ryan Agas

He is a Registered Nurse and took BSN as his pre-med in St. Luke’s College of Nursing. He was magna cum laude in UST College of Medicine and is a board topnotcher, as he’s 10th in the boards last year. Achiever much?

Junsi Agas (@junsiagas) is the youngest among the three. He did not pursue medicine like his older siblings but he certainly did not disappoint because this cutie is on his way to becoming a lawyer.


He just graduated as Salutatorian of Batch 2015 of the Ateneo Law School last weekend. His pre-Law is BS Management Engineering.

These three are definitely worthy our stalking minutes because they are not only eye candies, their credentials are impressive, too. We hope we did justice to the other two siblings. So, what’s your verdict Manillenials?

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