Rainy Season is Only Fun When We Were Kids

Rainy Season is Only Fun When We Were Kids

Children Playing While Raining

It’s the rainy season once again. Yes, the crazy heat of the summer sun is replaced by the cold weather of the monsoon rain. During this weather it is nice to stay longer on bed, or grab a cup of coffee while reading a book. But life is not a fairy tale, and for us folks old enough to work, rainy season means another 6 months of hassle and struggle.

We have to go to work and brave the storms. We have to carry more than the average weight of our bags because of our umbrella, extra tsinelas, clothes, and jacket. And the most painful of them all, commuting during the rainy season. Because in the Philippines, rainy season means baha!

Its all different when we were kids. We never despise the rain. It transforms the street into our playground, and  it saves us from boring classes. Rainy season was a lot better when were still kids. Here are the reasons why.

Suspension of classes makes us happy


No explanation needed.

Because we do not have to listen to our teachers and get bored

Boring School

We get another day to finish our homework and project! The rain is totally our savior.

We can stay at home and watch TV all day

Watching TV

From the morning shows where we first heard the suspension of classes, until the evening where newscasters report the flooding all over the metro.

Or create a fortress made of pillows and blankets

PIllow Fort Comic

Just remember to put it back where it was before.

Or play with the dripping water from the ceiling

Dripping Water

We find happiness in the simplest things

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Then we play in the rain



No matter how hard our parents warn us not to.

And fold paper boats


We get to float the boats on the flood rain and compete against friends which boat crosses the finish line first or sinks last.

The stronger the rain, the better


Rain… rain.. don’t go away. Laida Magtalas’s sun dance is a kill joy.

Because we get to swim in the flood

Flooding in Manila caused by heavy rains

A flood is not just a flood. It is a giant pool… of flood. You adults don’t get it.

No matter how dirty it is

Harry Potter I Don't Care

Yeah! We, kids, don’t care.

When we see an alulod. It’s like waterfalls


We take turns getting under the gutter and let the gush of water pour over us. We don’t care whatever dirty substances are left in the gutter.

When we go back home and eat our favorite food for merienda

Naruto Eating

The sopas, the champorado and the lomi during the rainy season. Yumm

The comfort of sleeping during a cold weather

child sleeping
The weather is so nice, we get to sleep while cuddling our comfortable blankets.

Knowing that after a week, another storm will come


Because an average of 20 tropical storms visit the country every year.

And all this will all happen again


Too bad we are not kids anymore. We adults, have responsibilities and that includes going to work 5 days a week, whatever the storm signal is. Now if only someone (ehem, government) can do something with the flood rain, maybe the rainy season won’t be so hard for us adults too.

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Now excuse me while I prepare for the coming days…


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