Modus Operandi of the Common Crimes in the Philippines

Modus Operandi of the Common Crimes in the Philippines


Manila is not the safest place to travel alone. Despite the recent reports about  reduced crime rates in the Philippine capital, the public is not generally safe from lawbreakers. The streets of Manila is still filled with criminals waiting for innocent victims.

In the service of providing safety and security to the Filipinos, the Philippine National Police (PNP) released an informative graph on the most notorious and common crimes in the Philippines. If you get confused with the different modus operandi made by these criminals, these infograph can help you understand them:

Bespren Gang

If you happen to love watching old movies Promdis coming to Manila, you have probably seen this crime. Someone talk to you and acts friendly, but once they leave, you are left to pay for your “friend’s” stolen item/s. Sometimes being friendly can lead to danger.

Bestpresn Gang

Dura Boys/ Dura Dura Gang

This dirty and dangerous crime is one of the reasons why it is not safe to commute in Manila. A group of passengers will surround their victim. One of them will spit on you. Others will inform you of the spit and distract you, while another member is busy stealing your belongings. One word for these boys: Yuck!

Dura Boys

Laglag Barya Gang

Members of the gang drop coins near you. If you help pick them up, they will simultaneously rob you. Their hand are too soft, you won’t feel a thing, so goodbye cellphone and wallet!  That is what you get from being too helpful.

Laglag Barya Gang

Pitas Hikaw Gang

These criminals targets unknowing people who seat near windows of public vehicles. While you are busy, someone outside will quickly snatch your expensive earrings. Most of the time, you won’t  notice your earnings were stolen and some times, you are left with a bloody ear. These criminals also target cellphones, watches, bracelets, rings and hand bags.

Pitas Gang

Salisi Gang

This gang is every where, from hotels, restaurants, bars, terminals, and other public places. They dress properly, so victims won’t easily suspect them. Take your attention away from your belongings and these criminals are ready to steal your items. Next thing you know, your things are gone, and you don’t know where it went.

Salisi Gang

Tutok-kalawit Gang

Hugs are good but not when their members of Tutok-kalawit gang. Members of this common crime suddenly hug you like a close friend, but on his other hand is a knife poked on your side. Good thing these lawbreakers give you a choice. Either you give them your valuables or you die. Jeez, thanks!

Tutok Kalawit Gang

These images don’t really prevent these types of criminals from attacking innocent people, but at least it make people aware of the common crimes in the Philippines, especially in the metro. The moment you feel like you are about to be in this situation, move away or ask help from the authorities. Be vigilant as well, so you won’t be an easy target to this lawbreakers.

Hopefully,  the Philippine National Police is doing more than information dissemination to protect civilians.

(Photo Credit: PNP Facebook)

Do you think PNP is doing a good job in safeguarding the people? Have you been a victim of these crimes? Share your stories!

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