11 Reasons Employees Hate Company Christmas Party

11 Reasons Employees Hate Company Christmas Party

While many employees anticipate Christmas season because of their bonus and 13th month pay, there is one company event they are not so excited to happen- Christmas party.

You would think that parties like these are all fun and entertaining but actually it is not. Behind all the exhilarating vibe and resounding laughter with your office BFFs, company Christmas parties can also make employees feel stress. It is probably one of the things we hate during Christmas.

Here are the reasons why:

1. You are forced to perform


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You’re not in school anymore but you are still forced to sing and dance in front of your office mates and employees from other department. Your manager would ask for volunteers yet they force people to join. Of course new employees are the first to be handpicked. Be ready to go home late because you have to practice after work until the event.

2. Concerns about your clothes/costume


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It is a company event so there is a pressure to dress nicely. If you have a themed Christmas party, you have to spend time in making costume to avoid looking indifferent during the event.

3. Waiting too long for the food


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Most employees attend Christmas parties because of the food but hold up! You have to listen to your boss’s long speech and watch a few employee performances.

4. The food itself


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You’re lucky if your caterer serves good food. At least there’s a consolation over this stressful event. But some employees are not lucky enough. They are left with little serving or bland food.

5. Unrelatable music


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EDM music is boring (there I said it), so why not pick danceable and relatable party music next time? Music during company parties should appeal to a wider age group so all the employees can enjoy the night.

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6. Ridiculous party games

what the heck

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You might have saved yourself from dancing in front of your colleagues, but there is still a chance that you’ll be forced to play party games. The pressure of winning and not embarrassing yourself is strong during this activity so you always keep your finger crossed not to be picked by your manager.

7. Disappointment during raffle draw


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Yehey there’s a raffle draw! But wait! Don’t get your hopes up because the chances of winning are slim. You will only leave yourself heartbroken if you expect too much.

8. Anxiety in socializing with people


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Christmas parties are a social gathering so it somehow implies that you need to talk with people, smile at everyone and well… be sociable. But if you are not that type of person, it can be stressful when people start small talks with you. This is the reason why some employees do not attend such events.

9. You party with your jackass officemate


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It is an office party, so all the employees will be there. That includes your most irritating boss and your jackass officemate you hate seeing the most. What else can you do? Endure 2 hours of partying with these people or risk being told as indifferent by your boss.

10. The Struggle to Go Home


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Friday is the usual day when Christmas parties are held. And you know what Friday means? Traffic! And if you are drunk, going home is more difficult. It is sometimes best to just sleep in someone else’s house.

11. Adds up to the busy schedule


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The worst part about Christmas parties is not the party itself but how it will affect your work or deliverables. Compared to the other months of the year, you only have a few days to finish all your task during December. And if there are parties to organize and presentations to practice, your work flow will be affected. There is a chance that you might not meet your quota if you don’t manage your time well.

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Despite all these stressful things about company Christmas parties, no one can deny that being with your officemates and enjoying a time off of your jobs can be fun. After all, humans are social people and these activities strengthens our bond with the people we see five times a week or more.

We just hope that companies would make our lives easier and make these event not just an event they need to organize for the sake of having one, but to give back to employees who have worked so hard to help the company grow.

Do you hate company Christmas parties or love it? Share your thoughts below!


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  • Ross Galan
    March 1, 2017

    I DO hate and abhore all sorts of parties. I find people artificial, that is, they are NOT them. And if they are not them, then the real them turns up. If you do NOT want people know WHo you really are, better not attend a party of any sort and BE on your own – separate from the rest of the ‘Maddening’, artificial crowd.
    – – – – –
    Ross Galán, Ph. D
    NLP Spiritual Life Coach

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