6 Ultimate Binge Watching Tips To Follow

6 Ultimate Binge Watching Tips To Follow


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We’ve all been there!

Whether catching up to the latest season of Game of Thrones, or spazzing over the recent series of Lee Min Ho or Song Joong-ki. We always experience these moments in our lives when we prefer staying at home on weekends and binge-watch on TV series or movie.

We spend hours and hours of watching in front of our computers despite the horrific tirade of our parents forcing us to sleep or our eyes protesting for over work. We do not care. What we care the most is ogle on our favourite actors and satisfy our craving for a good story.

But really now, do you honestly think that binge viewing is all fun? Of course not. You know there’s always something that would ruin the moment. Either you get neck or eye strain while watching, back problems for sitting improperly, get late to work the following day, fail your exam because you choose James Reid and Nadine Lustre over reviewing, or worse go to prison. Yes, prison! Remember the guy who killed his friend after binge watching the zombie apocalypse series, The Walking Dead?

No, binge-watching is not all fun. But that doesn’t mean you should stop. To make this addictive home activity less terrible to your body, here are a few tips you need to follow:

Never turn off the lights

It is important that you protect your eyes from too much strain. The gleam from your computer screen hurts your eyes more if you are watching in a dark room.

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Go easy on your snacks

Chips, popcorn, pizza and other snack favorites are not healthy and people always over eat when watching. Go easy on these snacks or skip them altogether. You can exchange it with gums, fruits and healthier food if you can’t make it through hours of watching without chewing something.

Drink water and monitor your bladder

Remember you are not in a cinema. You can always hit the pause button if you feel like your bladder can’t handle everything you’ve drank. Also, choose water over soda, juice or beer because just like snacks, you tend to take too much of everything when binge watching.

Get up every few minutes or episodes

Walk around your house, talk with your sister, or eat with your parents. Whatever it is, do something just to have a break from the continuous watching. Getting up helps your muscles and eyes relax for a bit. It also prevents your metabolism from flagging and your heart from slowing down. It is best if while taking a break, you do simple exercises like stretching, jumping jacks and squats just to amplify your heart rate.

Watch with your friends

Do you agree that most binge watchers are introvert? Why else would they spend hours sitting at home, doing nothing but watch? In any case, it would be fun and healthy if you recruit your friends to watch together. If you are with them, you are likely to avoid over eating or even sit too much. Plus, it’s so much better to spazz over kilig scenes with like-minded people.

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Limit yourself and set a schedule

This could be hard because binge watchers tend to forget about time when their watching. Also, the best TV shows to binge watch love hooking audience at the end of every episodes. The next thing they know, they’re already halfway through the whole season and just don’t sleep at all. However, setting a time frame helps control yourself. It’s like a memo and you feel guilty if you disobey it.

Never take your body for granted. Binge watching can be fun, but not when you are in a hospital bed after having serious health problems.

Besides, do you think your favorite idols would love it if you get sick? Pretty sure they don’t.

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Do you binge watch? What movies or series do you enjoy binge watching?


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