Vaping at Work: 7 Things to Keep in Mind

Vaping at Work: 7 Things to Keep in Mind

While some vapers opt to leave their vapes at home while they go to work, many people bring their vape with them but are unsure how to act with their vape in the workplace. It’s important to be mindful of using a vape in the office as it can distract or irritate other people. It may also be prohibited in your office, which can cause a problem for people who experience some of the benefits of vaping at work, like increased focus and stress relief.

If you’re wondering how to handle vaping in the workplace, follow some of these etiquette guidelines to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

1. Don’t Blow Clouds Around Colleagues

We totally understand the appeal of blowing giant clouds while vaping, but at the workplace, this isn’t usually considered acceptable. Filling up an entire room or shared office space with vapor may bother some people, particularly those who don’t vape. It’s important to respect everyone’s space, even if you want to vape at your desk.

Consider the people around you and avoid taking big hits to produce even bigger clouds. Hit your vape softly and release a minimal amount of vapor if possible. If you own a larger vape mod but it’s difficult to take small hits from, you can invest in a smaller, more compact work vape that will help reduce the amount of vapor produced in one hit.

2. Work Isn’t the Place for Stealth Vaping

Stealth vaping is the practice of vaping in public without drawing much attention to yourself. Although there are methods to perfect stealth vaping, the office isn’t the place to test this out.

While we understand the appeal of stealth vaping in certain scenarios, it’s more difficult to get away with this when you’re sitting right next to people all day long. At some point, they will probably notice what you’re doing. This might cause issues between co-workers or it may even result in disciplinary action if your office has a strict no vaping policy. Instead, you need to find a place where you can discreetly vape without breaking any guidelines. Most offices have a place outside where you can spend a few minutes with your vape.

3. Ask Your Employer About Their Vaping Policy

Maybe you just got a new job and you haven’t quite figured out how the dynamics of the office work. It’s always best to just address a question head-on. Ask your manager, supervisor or even a fellow co-worker about the policies surrounding vaping. Many workplaces are now permitting employees to use e-cigs and vapes in the office, but it’s important to know whether or not there are limitations to this policy.

If your office strictly prohibits the use of vapes, you can talk to your boss about where you might be able to hit your vape without disturbing others or breaking rules. Again, this might be an outdoor area specifically designated for smoking or vaping, but it’s always best to be clear on where vaping is permitted.

4. Read Up on Local Vaping Laws

Laws surrounding vaping are always changing as new devices are developed and more people learn about vaping. It’s still a relatively new practice, which means there’s not always a consistent attitude or policy towards vaping depending on your company or even city. Before even thinking about vaping at work, it’s essential that you spend some time learning about the laws in your area.

Some cities have banned e-cigs altogether, which is important to know before attempting to vape at work. Other areas have specific guidelines on where people can vape around a building or prohibiting vaping inside any public space. Educate yourself to ensure that you’re following all the laws when vaping.

5. Clean Up After Yourself

If you’re going to vape in the office, be sure to take all of your accessories with you. No one wants to clean up another co-worker’s mess regardless of what they may have left behind. This means you need to properly dispose of any and all pods or vape juice containers.

If you’re charging your vape at work, try to do it in your own space so you’re not taking up a shared outlet. But, if you need to use a communal outlet to charge, don’t forget to take your charger and check on the device to avoid having your vape camp out there all day. The same mentality is true for refilling pods at work. Don’t leave behind excess juice spills or empty containers.

6. Avoiding Pressuring Others into Vaping

Sometimes people who feel very passionate about vaping feel inclined to tell others about their experience and are eager to have them try. If someone is interested in trying vaping and asks to use your device, you can respond and allow them to test out your device–if you’re comfortable with it. However, don’t try to convert people to the vape life. This may add an awkward pressure onto others or may rub people the wrong way if you’re unintentionally taking on a condescending attitude.

Be mindful when vaping at work and keep it to yourself unless you’re with other co-workers who vape.

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7. Don’t Vape Around Customers or Clients

Even if your office permits vaping throughout the building, it’s important to maintain certain aspects of professionalism. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with vaping, but if you work in a client-facing job where people are frequently coming into the office, it may not give the right impression to greet customers with clouds of vapor. Instead, try to limit your vaping to other areas of the office where you can exhale the vapor in a more discreet manner.

Vaping at work can be okay as long as you follow the proper protocol. Discuss the office guidelines with your manager or fellow co-workers to familiarize yourself with company policy. Then, do your best to keep your vaping to yourself—clean up any pods, don’t try to rope others into vaping with you and be polite about where you’re exhaling vapor. No one likes to get an unexpected cloud in their face–even if they do vape.

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