Hints and Tips in Planning, Searching and Buying a Property

Hints and Tips in Planning, Searching and Buying a Property

woman using laptop in her living roomWhy should you buy a property? Aside from the fact that it is one of the basic needs of people, having your own place is a lifetime investment that continues to earn value every year.

There is a bunch of housing projects to choose from. Your property can be either a house or condominium, whichever you prefer. Purchasing a property may sound hard but with a positive mindset, it is possible. You must also be very keen to every detail of your prospect property. Remember, the cost is no joke and it would be your future home. The deciding factors in choosing a property can either be because it is close to work, or the place is near to your family and relatives.

Filipinos aspire to own a home. Even a child dreams to have one. Imagine the day you wake up the next morning to the place you once dreamed of. The feeling you cannot contain to be just happy alone but that cloud nine feels is amazing. Mind you, prepare yourself since there would be a long journey in searching and deciding your “where to settle” and “what to choose from”.

Finding the Perfect Location

Your home search should start with your ideal location. Do not be aloft with the list of properties online. Everything you will see is something worth to read but please take note of every information that differs from each possible option. Start jotting down these properties and study the process.

Check the Housing and Land Regulatory Board

You must check the property and developer if it is listed on HLURB site at hlurb.gov.ph. HLURB stands for Housing and Land Regulatory Board, the government body who monitors all housing projects in the Philippines. It aims to check and validated all information about each project and conveys detailed according to the law.  Aside from that, be sure to also check the license of brokers and agents that you will be dealing with.

Compare Prices and Payment Options

The price would be the next big deciding factor. Learn the variance of each property, which one is worth every peso per square meter. Differentiate the payment options that can select from, like thru bank loans, Pagibig, or in-house financing. Banks are very strict in terms of loan requirements because they sought for an assurance that applicants are capable of paying and have a good credit standing. PagIBIG seems to be lighter compared to banks, as long as you’re a PagIBIG member with twenty-four (24) months of contribution and can provide income documents but they likewise credit investigate applicants. In-house financing is the easiest to apply with but the interest rates are way high and doubled compared to other institutions.

Amenities, Safety, and Nearby Establisments

The other factors that may affect one’s decision in choosing a home would be the amenities, materials used or specifications of the house, and nearby establishments or its accessibility. A place to relax after a long day at work or during weekends is a plus for every homeowner on a subdivision or condominium. It may be in terms of indoor or outdoor activities like gym, swimming pool, park, or playground for children. Some may also be specific to the details of their property particularly the floor and lot areas, layout plans, components and materials used in building the house whether it is conventional or not, and the like.

The location should also match your lifestyle, it is important to live within your capacity and limit. How would you able to live in a place which may double your expenses? Or even it is worth living for in that place? Are the nearby establishments helpful when I live here? Are the roads and the place itself is accessible, safe and secured 24/7? These questions might help in choosing your preferred location to settle and to a place where you can call your own home.

To plan, search, and buy a property is deemed way long process but it is gonna be a worth in the end. To a time where all resources and information are available online, it becomes more visible and accessible for people to decide. Most of the developers have all the details of each housing project on their website which make it convenient for their market. And it all takes a clear, ready, and driving oneself to push through.

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