A Message to All Solo Parents

A Message to All Solo Parents

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I am a solo parent. It is one tedious yet fulfilling task and I am enjoying every single moment of it. It has downsides though. All the sleepless nights thinking about where in the world you would get money for tuition fees and such. It is tiring, to be honest. I may not be a single mother but I share their sentiments, Hell, I share their anger. Being ridiculed and judged sickens us. We did not ask for this but we welcomed it amidst the pain, the tears and most of the time the loneliness. We try our best to make ends meet and provide our children with love and attention. Being a solo parent is not a walk in the park, rather it is an obstacle course we need to finish because if not our kids will suffer.

Let it be known that we solo parents are sensitive. It is a given fact. Why? Because we literally sacrifice our time, energy and lives so we can see, our children live a better life. In this day and age, people mock us for being “solo” or being “na-ano” or “naka-ano”, let me remind you, people, that there are laws that protect us. Let me say that we are better than you all because we try to raise our families, our kids sans our ex-partners or spouses’ help. Gone are the days when the perfect family is composed of a mom, dad and kids. Children now draw pictures of only their moms or their dads. Reality bites, eh?

We are the embodiment of a real superhero. Most of us don’t earn much. But we are street smart. Our diskarte made us feed our kids and provide to our extended families. We do not ask for alms or money from people.

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We are not bulletproof from the public’s mockery. Time and probably our religious beliefs has conditioned their minds that being a solo parent is a punishment for being lousy lovers. Shame on you. Again, we did not ask for this.

To you Mr. Senator, my middle finger is up. Hindi kame na-ano, and in my case hindi ako ng-ano.

To my older sister Rochelle and my aunt, Carol, you are the best single mothers ever. I love you both so much.

Author’s bio:

Jonathan Espiritu is a college professor and a registered nutritionist-dietitian by profession. He is a dad to two little princesses and a tattoo enthusiast.

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