9 Best Things About Having Younger Brothers

9 Best Things About Having Younger Brothers

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Having a younger brother can be difficult, what more if you have two or more. At the back of your mind, having a sister could be a better idea since you perfectly know that you can get along with her. You think that you could have an easier life without nagging too much about your younger brothers. However, it’s not all about difficulties and headaches when you’re with them. What other people really don’t know is that you and your younger brothers can get along too. It may not be that perfect but it’s something that you’ll be proud of. You want to know why younger brothers can bring fun to the house? Read them below:

1. They will treat you as a princess.

Lucky for those who are eldest, for they can take charge when it comes to decision making and be an exception in some other household works. You can ask for favor anytime and even if they complain, they will still follow it (even if takes a lot of time and money!). It may sound like that sisters are too dominant, but at some point it will be for a good reason.

2. They will introduce you to their most favorite stuff.

Because of your younger brothers, you’ll be able to know some stuff about basketball, wrestling, video games, boxing and other men’s stuff. You may not notice it at first, but you too are starting to like every sport show that they are watching and you have that determination to get familiar with those. It’s surely a great bonding experience for both of you during weekends or even holidays.

3. They can be too over-protective of you.

As long as you are protective in making sure that your brothers are okay, they can be twice as protective as you are. Yes, that is definitely true especially when talking about your “special someone.”

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4. They can make you say yes.

No matter how much you resist on not giving in to anything that they want, you will just find yourself making a way to accommodate their request or favor. You have that sense of guilt when you disappoint them by not doing their favor.

5. They may not be too showy, but they worry when you’re not around.

Men are known to be too discrete when it comes to feelings. Same goes with your brothers. When you are having a hard time you will not expect them to act emotional like you used to be. Instead, they will show you the other way around. They might not seem interested at all about your problems but deep inside they are too worried as well.

6. They can be your food-trip buddies at home.

Weekends or holidays is something that you don’t want to miss at all. Being at home, cooking and eating are just two of the most important things that you love to do. Eating a good food without spending so much is a perfect quality time together.

7. They will remain forever as your second love next to your dad.

No one will replace them to be your second love, so guys out there should love and take care of you like your brothers do.

8. They can be your best ally and worst enemy.

Just like any sibling relationship, there is this issue of rivalry, favoritism, and alike. But in the end no matter how much you argue with each other, the next day you will all act like nothing serious argument ever happened at all. Because at the end of the day they will be your ally in facing all the challenges in life.

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9. You think like a man to get into their position.

This could be one of the important lessons that every sister out there should know and get familiar on how their brother act. On your own, you have to make ways on how to get to know your brothers very well. You can be superior at time but when you think that they are in trouble, you have to let your guards down. Although there are times they mess things up and try to be difficult, your younger brothers can bring fun to your lives. They may not be showy, remember that they deeply care for you.

What’s your favorite thing about your younger brother? Share it with us!

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