8 Types of Office People You Will Meet

8 Types of Office People You Will Meet

When you step out of college, you hope to land a job that will help you to establish the career you dream of. Along with that career, you’re also hoping to work with people who are easy to get along with; professionals and cooperative. You are crossing your fingers that you will land a job that has an easy-going setting but very professional when it comes to work.

Bad news is, it isn’t easy to achieve  that and you will find yourself managing your patience to deal with different people in the office. Since you started working now, most of the time you need to interact often with people  that also includes your most hated colleague  and do some serious business.

Below are the basic types of people you’ll definitely meet and work with in the office.

The Shady Officemate

Oh you know, the one who back stabs you or simply a poser. They treat you nice and all but most of the time, they are actually looking for some “bad” things about you and the next thing you know, there are rumors spreading in the entire department. They might also steal your ideas and perhaps get that promotion you think you deserve. Be as discreet as you can in dealing with such officemate. You can be nice to them but be careful in trusting them.

The Know-It-All Dude/Gal

This officemate has an opinion on every issue  whether work-related or just some social issues. There are times that you feel they’re shoving their opinions to you. They make sure to make a comment or two on certain issue, and they make sure to always win in every argument.

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The Miss/Mister Congeniality

This person is bubbly enough to make friends with almost everybody in the office or in your department. Miss/Mister Congeniality is with friends with the different groups of people in the office  rockstars, basketball enthusiasts, couch potato, gamers, bookworms, and any other group there is. They see to it that they’ll be able to hang-out with them on weekends or after-work hours.

The Wallflower

They’re the ones who merely observe the happenings in the office. Usually, they’re the quiet type and reserve their opinions to themselves. They rarely attend office gatherings. It’s just safe to say that they don’t give a fuck as long as they accomplish their task/work.

The Competitive One

They have this attitude that they’re superior than others. They make sure that they are ahead of everyone and will do everything just to get that promotion and a pretty good pay raise. Basically, they’re working their asses off by all means.

The Comedian

From the title itself, you know that this someone brings in some good dose of laughter when the boring afternoon strikes. This person uses humor to establish a good relationship with workmates who neither buy the joke or just the subject of their brand of humor. Most of the time, this comedian makes a mockery out of almost everything and do the laughable/corny jokes during lunch or meryenda breaks. They even have the courage to crack jokes during serious office meetings.

The Caffeine Pack

Basically, they start the day with a cup of coffee. They can function really well when they induce caffeine to their system. Then another cup of coffee while having lunch or in the afternoon. Everyday is a caffeine day for them. Don’t talk to them if they haven’t had their first cup yet.

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The Yosi Gang

These people are the one you will constantly meet during your yosi craving any time of the day. Usually, you can hang out with them while taking a cigarette break outside the office or near the parking lot. These people are usually getting rid of some stress, calming themselves or just leisurely tasting the nicotine.

In which category do you belong in? What are the other types of people you’ve encountered in the workplace?


  • Des Cambaliza
    July 13, 2014

    I'm divergent. Chos.

  • Red Sotana
    July 18, 2014

    I belong to the wallflower group. Hahaha! I don’t care about what’s happening around me as long as I finish the job and I’m out.

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