The Local Tourist’s Guide to Exploring the Philippines by Road

The Local Tourist’s Guide to Exploring the Philippines by Road

More than 50% of Filipinos visit the numerous local tourist destinations across the country every year, according to the Department of Tourism. The majority of these are actually residents of large cities who head to their favorite spots during the long holidays and summer time. When you consider how much the Philippines has to offer to the curious and adventurous Filipino, there is an endless list to explore and different ways you can enjoy your trips around this beautiful country. And what better way to experience top attractions around the country than by road.

Fire up your engines and be ready for a unique experience through some of the most breathtaking views. Whether you’re a first-time local traveler or looking to add some spice to your new traveling routine, here’s what to include in your road trip plan:

Where to Start

The Philippines has lots to offer for residents, so you should begin with an idea of what you are most interested in seeing first. Different places in the country offer various options – this depends on whether you are curious to experience the amazing culture, see the architecture across the country, get an idea of the local agriculture, experience the beauty of the beaches or make your way to the exotic islands for unique experiences. Whichever you prefer, it is wise to have a good idea of places you’re be driving to, check the prices of hotels located along your road trip route, and have a well-serviced vehicle with all driving requirements, including car insurance to avoid ruining your trip with a brush with authorities.

Enjoy the History and Culture in Manila

The best way to travel around the Philippines is by road. This way, you won’t miss any of the magnificent views along the way. If you live outside the big cities or have never explored local tourist attractions, you should probably begin in the capital city, Manila, as this is most likely where you will get to sample everything about Filipino culture and history. In Manila, you will get to visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the San Augustin Church, which is a popular local tourist site. Take your time as you visit different attraction sites and make frequent stops whenever you can to take some great pictures. You don’t want to miss those great moments with your family and friends.

Get to See Where the Rice Grows

The rice fields of Banaue are a sight to behold for any visiting Filipinos. The terraces are magnificent structures in their astounding size and long history. They were constructed more than 2000 years ago by the Ifugao Tribe and are still productive to date. There are a number of villages around Banaue from which the rice fields can be seen, but the best view is undoubtedly from the village of Batad. They are for a very good reason, yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site you should sample during your road trip. Plan your stop-over along these rice fields early enough and book local accommodation to enjoy the different rice cuisines offered.

Sun, Surf, and Sand

A road trip around The Philippines would not be complete without seeing the beaches which are in fact what the Philippines is famously known for around the world. The best beach as proposed by popular opinion worldwide is Boracay, and local tourists love it too. It’s a pretty well-known tourist destination for Filipinos, so it will not be very secluded, but it boasts a large number of bars and nightclubs that make for the perfect vacation mix. For the ultimate road trip experience, bring along a group of friends as you explore the sandy beaches and life on the ocean.

The beauty of the Philippines is slowly being uncovered and continues to leave those who visit the numerous attractions in awe. And the good thing is, local tourists are leading the way. As you plan your next road trip across the country, make sure to include these options on your travel itinerary.

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