9 Summer Essentials to Survive the Manila Heat

9 Summer Essentials to Survive the Manila Heat

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The summer heat is on!

It’s that season of the year again when it makes every pore of your body release so much sweat. Everyone in the metro feels uncomfortable and embarrassed when they’re drenched in sweat due to the strong summer heat. Riding public transportation becomes more hellish than usual.

Know that heat won’t easily go away no matter how much you complain about it. It’s impossible to block the sun or to carry around an electric fan to freshen up. But it’s possible not to pass out in this weather. To survive the scourging heat of the sun, equip yourself with these summer essentials:

1. Umbrella – Westerners find it weird that we Filipinos use umbrellas, which they only use during rainy weather, to protect ourselves from the sun. If only they know how hot our summer is, they’ll probably do the same. Never forget your umbrella because it is great tool to protect your body from the damaging UV light.

2. Towel – With the summer heat that can peak from 36-42 degree Celsius, your usual handkerchief will not be enough to absorb all your body sweat. A towel is a must. Use cotton hand towels for quick absorption.

3. Bottle of Water – Dehydration is the common root of heat stroke. That is why aside from the 8-9 glasses of water you take daily, you have to be ready with a bottle of water in your bag. Heat stroke usually happens from 1 PM to 3 PM, when the temperature is the hottest. Avoid trips to the emergency room by making sure you’re always hydrated.

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4. Sunscreen – Sunscreen is a daily essential that can protect you from skin cancer and other diseases caused by UV light. It is important that you use SPF 30 or more to get better protection. If you are planning to spend your summer in a beach, look for a sunscreen that has no Oxybenzone, Butylparaben, or Octinoxate. These chemicals cause coral bleaching and eventually kill coral reefs.

5. Hand Fan – Using a hand fan is a quick way to cool yourself from too much heat. Its a bit taxing but a little effort to relieve your body from heat is better than experiencing heat stress. Hand fans are only for girls? Well tell that to the guy from Mabalacat City, Pampanga who died because of heat stress. The Department of Health (DOH) advises men that there is nothing wrong with using umbrellas this summer, so why do men using a fan an issue?

6. Sunglasses – UV lights can also cause damage to our eyes. Using sunglasses during the day helps prevent diseases like photokeratitis and cataract. Your eyeglasses are advised to have gray lens for proper color recognition and should screen out 75-90 percent of light.

7. Perfume – Keep yourself smelling fresh and clean by spraying perfume at the beginning of the day. A fruity and citrusy scent is perfect for summer. A warning though, know when you are spraying too much perfume. Do it mildly to avoid hurting other people’s nostrils.

8. Extra Clothes – If you feel so sticky and irritated, a change of clothes can help you feel lighter. Bring extra clothes, preferably light colored cotton shirts to reflect sun rays. Dark clothes absorb heat and it makes sweat stain really obvious.

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9. Powder – We cannot emphasize enough how sweaty Philippine summer can be. And this is the season why everyone seems to get prickly heat. And yes, they can be quite a prick.  Prevent it by putting powder on your back. It can help absorb sweat and make you smell fresh.

Unless you want your friends stepping away from you because of your bad smell or you want to get rushed to the hospital because of heat stroke, include these summer essentials in your bag wherever you go to survive the heat of this season.

What are other essentials you want to include in the list this summer? Share your thoughts below!


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