11 Undeniable Signs that You’re Now a Full-Pledged Adult

11 Undeniable Signs that You’re Now a Full-Pledged Adult

Remember when you’re the youngest in the work place, or better yet, when you were still looking to get hired on your first job? Remember your teen years when you felt invincible and you didn’t have to worry about responsibilities nor taxes?

Those years are long gone, and non-physical signs of aging are starting to show. Congratulations–you’re becoming your parents.

1. “I’m too old for this shit” is becoming your life motto.

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Things that could have riled you up before now seem so nonsensical. The same things that set you off years ago now seem so petty. And when the young ones are being all hyped and agitated around you, you end up muttering, “I’m too old for this shit.”

2. “Kids.”

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You see a group of excited and lively group of youngsters. You move on and say, “Kids.” Unfortunately, this happens way more often than you’d like.

3. You can’t believe you have colleagues who entered college after you graduated.

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You’re excited to meet a colleague from the same alma matter, but you have troubles wrapping your head around the fact that they were in college right after you left it.

4. Your friends are getting married one by one.

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We were just making group project before! Why are you all getting married now?!

5. Your social media feeds are flooded with the photos of your friends’ and ex-classmates’ babies.

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You can barely count the number of times you’ve become a ninong/ninang after you entered the real world.

6. Suddenly, weekends are better spent at home.

Sleeping Anna

Chillin’ with the parents aren’t so bad after all.

7. Afternoons spent drinking coffee or tea are better spent than nights spent partying.

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Your bones might no longer be able to handle all the drinking and dancing.

8. You meet people in their 30’s and you still consider them young.

How I met your motherImage credit: Tumblr

Remember when you think a 25-year-old is old? Well, look at you now! You’re 25!

9. Your parents now welcome you in the conversations saved for the old ones.

yippieImage Credit: Reaction GIFs

Gone are the days when your parents, aunts and uncles think you’re too young to be part of the conversation. You’re now part of the family tsismisan.

10. You start sentences with, “Noong bata pa ako…”

Supernatural Dean CryingImage Credit: Tumblr

Breaking news: You now talk like your parents. It may be hard to believe, but your childhood is more than a decade ago.

11. You can’t help but think your generation is way better than today’s.

horrayImage Credit: Tumblr

Definitely Backstreet Boys are way better than One Direction, amirite?

It may be difficult to accept, but welcome to the adult world.

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