Monday Mixtape: Falsetto Fest

Monday Mixtape: Falsetto Fest


Artists vary from the voice they go with for singing. Rock stars often have the husky voice that matches their ‘ruthless’ sound. On the other hand, pop and RnB singers have that smooth and relaxing touch on their songs.

Just to add, rockers have that distinct attack when it comes to their hits. From Steven Tyler’s screech to Axl Rose’s high notes, you can say that the attitude is not just with the outfits they wear. On the other side comes the style of voice these singers don’t usually use: the falsetto.

Here are some of the artists (with their songs) that excel on this category:

1. Time Will Reveal – Debarge

2. Reasons – Earth, Wind, & Fire

3. Love Of My Life – Brian McKnight

4. Lost Without You – Robin Thicke

5. Born To Love You – George Duke

6. Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield

7. Debra – Beck

8. The Lion Sleeps Tonight – The Nylons

9. Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters

10. Kiss – Prince

11. Too Much Heaven – Bee Gees

12. Ooh Baby Baby – Smokey Robinson

13. Corpus Christi Carol – Jeff Buckley

For continuous listening to these beautiful tracks, go to this Youtube playlist. Enjoy!


** Author’s Bio: An old school music junkie, Roxel Gestiada loves to write blogs and articles while listening to slow rock, ballads, and OPM. He loves to watch local and foreign movies depending on the mood of the day and is a big fan of the NBA team, Boston Celtics. Follow the man through his blog.

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