A Letter to My Son 10 Years From Now

A Letter to My Son 10 Years From Now

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I love writing letters to my family and friends. It is my way of thanking and showing how much I appreciate them. Letters to me are very important since they can be kept, and people can read it every time they want to. It is easy to write a good letter to people you love because all you need to do is be yourself and write down everything you want to say.

Today, I want to write a letter to my Lourd James, and I want him to read this 10 years from now.

Dear Lourd James,

I am writing you this letter now to tell you how much I love you. You are my strength and my inspiration. You always make Nanay happy and proud. You make my life complete, Kuya Lourd. Everything you do is my joy. And my favorite moment is to watch you sleeping. I love you so much!

You are older now, you’re already 11 years old. And I am expecting that you’re already in sixth grade. I want to tell you that I am proud of you! That everything you are doing is an achievement for me. I may not be a perfect mom, may not also be as awesome as Wonder Woman. I may not give you all the time that you need because I am busy with work. Yes, I think I am still working in an office until now or maybe managing a business with your father.

Sorry, Lourd. Sorry that I can’t stop working to be a full-time mom. I hope you understand, Nanay has lots of responsibility. But I want you to know that if I have a choice, if only money will come to us that your father and I don’t need to work anymore, I will give you every precious second of my life.

You are one of the most important things in my life. I want you to remember that, always and forever. You and your future sibling will always be my treasures. I will never get tired of loving the two of you. It’s been 11 years, Kuya Lourd. Eleven years since we experience to be in between life and death. Giving birth to you is not that easy. But I can say that it is the most beautiful and worthy experience of my existence. I will never regret having you and fighting for our lives together. Having you that time is the happiest moment of my life. If I will be born again, I will choose the same path if that is the only means of having you again in my second life.

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We didn’t plan for you nor your sibling. But you are never unwanted, I want you to keep that in mind. You enter my life when I was 25. It was a mix of happiness, excitement and fear. I wanted to have a child when I turn 30, but God made it earlier. We may have you in a time that we were not yet prepared to be a parent. But I believe that for God, it is just the right and perfect time to have you in our lives. And I will forever thank Him for giving you to us. You are the joy and pride of our family. You are one of the reasons why your father and I are still in love with each other so much.

Ten years earlier, it is my hobby to kiss and hug you. And to play with you when I got home after office work. Maybe now, you don’t want to be kissed or hugged anymore, most especially when in front of many people. But don’t worry, Lourd, I understand. I already accept that fact 10 years ago. That is why I want to confess to you that when you are still a child, Your Tatay and I always kissed you and hugged you. We never let the day passed without doing those things and without telling you how much we love you.

I guess, you have a crush on someone now, or maybe you are already in love. It may be a puppy love, Lourd James. I will be grateful if you will say that to me. But I will also understand if you keep that a secret. Don’t worry, I will always support you. But remember that you have to study first. It is just fine to adore someone, but don’t get too serious about it, okay? Study first and Nanay will support you all the way. You know what? Your Tatay and I are talking if it is okay if you will have a girlfriend in high school, and I told him it is fine with me as long as you promise to study hard and graduate on time. And of course, to not have a baby at a young age. Make your education a priority, okay?

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Years from now, you will enter college. And I want you to know that you have to go for your passion. We will support you and give you everything when it comes to your education. Because that will determine your future. Kuya Lourd, it does not matter what course you want to take. What matters is that you will love what you will pursue. And believe me, you will never regret following your dreams. We don’t have a dream course or a dream job for you, because we want you to realize what you wanted to be in the future. You will be the one and only to determine who you are going to be. Your father and I will just be at your side to support and guide you.

I am sure that you are going to choose the right path in life. I am sure that you are going to be a successful and happy person. Always chase your dreams, Lourd. Never get tired of trying and learning. I will always be right here. Even when you tell me you don’t need me anymore. I will just stay and will forever be your mom. I love you!

Your Nanay,

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