6 Things Only Girls With An Older Brother Can Relate To

6 Things Only Girls With An Older Brother Can Relate To

girls with older brothers

Having an older brother may not always be a good idea. There are times when you wish you never had a brother at all or just trade him with another one.

But no matter how much you hate him, deep down you still love him. He will always be that annoying person who could make you laugh and cry at the same time for so many reasons you could ever imagine.

Here are some of the things you can relate to when you have an older brother:

1. Nothing is peaceful when you’re together.

For all the times you’re together, never expect to have peace in your life. No matter how hard you try to be still, he will always get in your way to ruin your mood. Growing up with him feels like a burden all the time, but you know you will miss his craziness when he’s not around. It won’t be the same when he’s not teasing or making fun of you.

2. He will always be your worst enemy.

It is not easy to deal with an older brother, especially when he sees you as a weak little girl all your life. Every time your paths cross, expect it to be the worst. Fighting (physically, mentally, or emotionally) will just be a routine you’ll get used to. He will do anything and everything to annoy you until you can’t hold your tears anymore. That’s just one thing that makes him happy–seeing you cry and feeling helpless.

3. Boys never get in your way easily.

The moment you start dating or having a crush on someone, get ready to get your privacy invaded by your older brother. He won’t let that “boy” get in your way so easily. Your date should pass your brother’s challenge(s) first, ’cause if not, he doesn’t deserve you. And he won’t let you be in a relationship, if he didn’t get the chance to know deeply who the guy is. Yes, he reacts more than your parents when it comes to this matter. So, here’s a tip: make sure to brief your date first about you having a (strict) older brother.

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4. He is your number one critic.

No matter how you look and feel good about yourself, your older brother will always have something to say. You get immune of hearing those harsh comments regarding your job or friends, the way you dress up, how you put makeup on, how you behave, and a lot more. It feels like giving you a compliment is the hardest thing he could ever do for you. Admit it or not, without his judgment, you won’t grow into a strong and determined woman.

5. You know he got your back.

Whenever you’re in trouble or an unexpected thing comes up, you can definitely count on your older brother. He will always be there to help you out instantly, though he’s going to scold you first or say anything he wants to without control. Still, he’s just a text away and more than willing to save your ass regardless of the situation you’re in.

6. He is going to protect you ’til the end.

Loathe him all you want, but your older brother will protect you until his last breath. He is insanely protective of you because he knows his responsibility as your big brother. No one can hurt you as long as you have him. (An instant bodyguard you got right there, huh?)

You may not get along well with your older brother, but the fact that God has blessed you with one is more than enough to thank Him. You definitely got a never-ending love-hate relationship with this crazy bro.

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What are the other things you deal with your older brother? Share them in the comment section below!

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