A Guide for Men: How to Choose the Right Dress Shirt and Accessories

A Guide for Men: How to Choose the Right Dress Shirt and Accessories

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Clothes aren’t everything, but sometimes, it can make or break you. How you want to present yourself starts with how you dress yourself.

Good-quality shirts should appear in the wardrobe of any man who wants to attract single women, replacing sweatshirts and hoodies. So, it will not be superfluous to give you several fashion tips on how to choose the right shirt and accessories to it. There are plenty of classifications, but it’s better to consider them in accordance with specific occasions.

1. Classic Shirts for Work

If you work in a place where the dress code is strictly observed, then you should have many shirts so as not to wear the same one for several days. A classic straight cut will not hamper movements, and high-quality fabrics made from 100% cotton will let in air, which will help you be less tired and sweat. It sounds rough but honestly. You should be comfortable in it all day long.

An important role is played by the shoulder seam. If it is high, then the shirt will be small, and this will make you clumsy. If the seam is low, then the shirt will hang on you like a bag. Pay attention to the collar: it should not put pressure on your Adam’s apple. Otherwise, you will not be able to wear a tie, and you will have to walk with the buttons unfastened, which can make the look untidy.

2. Semi-Fitted Shirts for Everyday

They are not so strict in terms of color palette and patterns. Plaid shirts allow you to combine them with different things. In vogue, there are geometry, spots, inscriptions and, of course, the traditional plaid pattern. When choosing a shirt, you need to consider the main colors of your wardrobe, so that the shirt fits all the pants.

Even though in everyday life, you can roll up your sleeves, it is important to initially select them correctly. In order to make the right choice, put on a shirt and relax your hands. If the sleeve ends above the knuckle of the wrist, it is short, and if it covers the palm, then it is too big. The sleeve, like a classic watch, must be strictly on the wrist.

3. Slim Fit Shirt for Casual Events

Bear in mind that to wear slim fit clothes, you need to have a good body. It sounds logical, but many plump guys overestimate themselves and put on wrong clothes. If the body allows you to wear slim-fit things, try not to overdo. If the shirt is too tight, it will seem as if you have not changed it since school times. This will spoil the impression of a beautiful shirt and your physical form.

4. Unique Smart Shirts

It will suit you if you like to look stylish and match the office dress code, but at the same time, feel comfortable. These shirts can be worn loose and tucked in, thanks to a specially designed silhouette. In addition, they are very comfortable, and therefore, it is easier to look officially.

Usually, they are made of knitted cotton fabrics, including additional anti-peeling treatment. In addition to cotton, there are linen shirts, perfectly suited for creating a stylish summer wardrobe. Thanks to natural materials, your body breathes, and you feel comfortable and cozy even on the first date.

Another distinctive feature is a soft collar, comfortable for every day. If you need to look more official, insert special “underwires” into the collar. It will add strict features, and you will be perceived officially.

5. Accessories

They are not limited to tie and cufflinks. If your shirt is tucked in, then you shouldn’t forget about a belt. Genuine leather will be in harmony with shoes. It is better to refuse a huge buckle, especially in a business variant. Give preference to something neat and minimalist, so it will be a universal option for almost any look. Do not forget that the details will make the image complete. Pay attention to the silk pocket square, this is another current trend of the season.

Women are not the only who can dress to impress. Even men should put a lot of consideration in their outfit if they want to look presentable, especially if there’s someone they want to impress.

But remember, clothes can make a man, but it’s your character and personality that can truly capture a woman’s heart.

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