Don’t Panic: Girls, Ask Him Out

Don’t Panic: Girls, Ask Him Out

In a relatively conservative country like ours, it is considered a bold action when the ladies make the first move. Sure, we jump on the latest trends like selfies, hashtags, etc. But let’s admit it, majority of the people in the country aren’t really open to the idea of ladies admitting their feelings or courting another person.
In my opinion, this is one of the many reasons for many tragic friend-zoned tales. Men would always complain about being rejected despite the lack of attempt to make their girl friends know about their feelings. On the other hand, ladies also complain about the guys being torpe when we already gave them hints and clues about our feelings for them.

Then come the What If’s. They catch up with you and haunt you, smelling of frustrations and questions that filled your head. You got so many questions in your head. Sometimes, questions need answers—answers that would clarify things.

Take this scenario, for example: Your friends already told you countless times that this guy likes you, but he’s just shy to make a move. You feel the same way, too, but the problem is you won’t make a move at all because it’s just against the norms. What will happen now? Nothing. Just nothing. Both of you will just bury those feelings. Sayang.


1. No more guessing game

If you don’t want to play the guessing game, the most logical thing to do is find out how he feels about you. It does not make sense that you just wait and whine about the vagueness of your apple of the eye. Build your friendship. Start asking questions little by little. Just enough not to scare him off. Just be cool with him.

2. You exude self-confidence

Yeah, you agree with me on this. Majority of men do love women who exude confidence, those go-getter types who know exactly what they want. Watch out and he will notice these things about you now.

3. It is a form of ego booster

Seriously, when you tell a guy about what you feel for him, it flatters him. I had a fair share of stories where I totally divulged my feelings to this boy (to these boys). I saw how they reacted positively on this sentence: “I like you.” They smiled and said thank you. It makes him feel good about his self because you’re telling him that he’s worthy of your time, efforts and feelings.

4. No wasted time

Men can be very dense sometimes. So, in able to help them to figure things out, you can actually help them by telling them what you feel. No bullshit. In this way, you may be able to help them realize that something can be possible. They say that girls are more mature in knowing things. Telling them what you feel does not mean forcing them to like you back (at least not for now) but it’s way of giving chance to notice something that has been ignored for the longest time. Or maybe, if given a chance and a hella good timing, you can be together.

5. Free from stress!

When you keep hiding your feelings for someone you like, there’s a huge possibility that you’re more stressed and anxious. You also feel jealous every time you see him with another lady. You’ll start to overthink about the smallest things. I tell you know, it’s bad for your health, lady. Get those feelings out now for the sake of your own sanity.

Ladies, it’s really fine to make the first move or tell him how you really feel. It’s a way of communicating properly with people (read: men). It’s being straightforward and honest. It’s called taking risks. 🙂

Have you done any crush confession or courted the boy you like? Yes? Share it with us!

(Photo credit: FB RAIT Crush Confession & Tumblr)


  • Ninay Soneja
    May 14, 2014

    I sometimes do the first move! 😛

  • Angeli Soneja
    May 14, 2014

    Short answer: yes.

  • Marco Foronda
    May 14, 2014

    Kwento! 🙂

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