Dear Tatay

Dear Tatay

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Dear Tatay,

I still remember the day you made me cry because you put mud on my face. Then, you kept laughing and laughing at me. I was three years old back then. You’re still the ridiculous and comedian dad that my sisters and I knew. Now, you’re still here. You’re still doing everything that you can to make sure we’re okay. You never left us, my sisters and I. Not even for a minute.

I know our family may not be the most perfect family considering everything that has happened. Still, everyone is trying to be strong. You support us to be strong. When I thought our family was going to break up more than it already has, you held up your end and did what you could to keep us together.

I want to thank you for the times that you were there. When I needed a friend to talk to, when I needed a counselor, you are always there.

So, Ate Ninay asked me to write this letter to you for Father’s Day. And all I could think about was I had to thank you. You have done a lot, not only to me, but also to my sisters. You’ve been a responsible and loving dad. You provided a comfortable atmosphere to return to. A happy place to call home.

Having a place called home is a big thing. To me, home is home and you provided one for us.

I know it’s father’s day and the three of us are not there by your side right now. But always remember that we love you, Tay. We will always love you. Even though sometimes we don’t understand why you’re mad, we know it will be for the benefit of our own good.

We love you, Tay!

Happy Father’s Day!


Your daughter

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  • Baldo Mizal
    June 24, 2015

    Hey!! Kayo ha? May pa ganyan ganyan pa kayo. I like it! I love you, baby girl. You know I will do anything for my girls. I will kill and die for you, no questions asked. And you know I am not just saying that. Thanks for this gift, love, it's the best gift that anyone can give me on fathers' day. Kahit mag lakad ako maghapon sa Rustan's o Rockwell wala akong makikitang regalo as awesome as this. I love you, 'nak, mahal na mahal kayo ni Tatay. Alam mo yan.

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