Choosing the Best Body Shaver for Your Needs

Choosing the Best Body Shaver for Your Needs

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Millennials are known to be fashion forward. They always go for the latest fashion trend and always make themselves look good. They always ensure that they look sharp, clean and groomed. One way to achieve this is by shaving or trimming their facial and body hair.

In the past, men used blades to trim and shave the body hair. Nowadays, the advanced technology brings numerous devices that can help you efficiently remove your beard and body hair. If you want to look clean, having a shaver is a must. But there are so many items to choose from! Which one to get?

To help you, here is a guide to body shavers that will teach you what features you should have in mind when you are searching for a new shaver. This way, you will know exactly what to look for. The best body groomers will help you to get a clean, smooth shave. Furthermore, these advanced tools have blades that do not even touch the skin. Therefore, they will protect you from skin irritations, nicks and cuts.

Skip Razors

When using a razor, you have to constantly replace the blades, take a warm shower before every shave to prep the skin, use a shaving cream and disinfect your face post-shave. However, switching to an electronic trimmer will make your life easier. Using a waterproof trimmer that can easily be used while in the shower is efficient. You can use it to get rid of your beard, chest hair and back hair. Plus, if it has some adjustable combs, it is easy to establish the length of hair in case you do not want a clean shave. This is how you can avoid ingrown hair and razor burns.

Body Hair Groomer

Even if this device is a bit more expensive than beard groomer, it is worth it. This type of trimmer has a wider head. If this is the first time you are trimming your body hair, make sure to start with the higher guard setting. Keep in mind you can cut it shorter in case the first time is too long. Your hair will take days, maybe even weeks to grow back to its optimal length again. After using it a few times, you will figure out which is the best length for your chest hair.

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Pay Attention

It may be hard to get a uniform trim the first time you use a body groomer since you may find it difficult to work it across the chest’s contours. At this point, you can take off the guard and try to trim only the hairs that have escaped the first trim. It is extremely important to pay very close attention. Otherwise, it is possible to obtain a trim with patches and you are not going to like it.

Back and Armpits

After obtaining the groom you wanted for the chest area, continue with the back. This may be the most difficult part. That is why we advise you to attach a longer handle to the trimmer. This way, you can easily control the body shaver, reaching all the areas on your back without needing assistance. The armpit area is the easiest one. When using a body groomer in that area, it will buy you a few weeks until your next trim. After struggling on shaving your chest and back, it is now time to shave another difficult part of your body: the nether regions.

A Trimmer for Your Sensitive Area

If a body trimmer for your back, chest and armpits should have a wider head, the one that you use in the nether region or sensitive area should have a narrower one. You’ll have to use a short guard on your clippers and be extremely careful since the skin is very sensitive around this part. Avoid touching the skin with your groomer if possible. A cool trick is perfecting the art of steady air-clipping.

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When searching for a body trimmer, pay attention to its blades. Once in a while, you will have to change them. However, it is not the same as if using a razor. Plus, it is a lot more efficient since you will not touch the skin with blades. Find a body groomer that is waterproof and that has a fast charging function. Otherwise, you may keep it in the stand the whole time to make sure it is fully charged. Pay close attention to the guards and clippers, and change them every time you want to change the hair length.

Ready to stay clean and sharp? What is your beauty regimen?

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