8 Lessons from the Road

8 Lessons from the Road

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People love to travel. It’s one of our favorite activities. When we feel sad, we like to travel to be happy. If we are stressed, we like to travel to pamper ourselves. If we are tired of working too much in the office, it is what we do to stay away from the hustle of the Metro. If we achieve something great, it’s one of our ways to reward ourselves. We all love going different places of our country and even overseas. There are lots of reasons why we love traveling. And there are also lots of reasons why we should travel.

Traveling can teach us so many life lessons. Here are some things that traveling can teach us:

1. Having new experiences

The best instrument to gather a lot of experiences is to travel. It will teach us things that we should know in life. It will let us discover things that we don’t know. Traveling can also help us do things that we thought impossible. It will teach us not only to appreciate things that we have but also to be grateful for the situations that we face in life, all the opportunities and chances that life throws our way. It will help us grow and value every aspect of life.

2. Budget traveling

Most people think that traveling is expensive. All of us have the desire to travel but some may not find a way in doing so because they think that they need a lot of money for the budget. The truth is, we can travel if we just want to. Of course, money is one of the most important things when we plan to travel but we can travel even with a tight budget. We can book for the cheapest flight or wait for a seat sale promotion of some friendly airlines. We can also save money and cut expenses by staying in an affordable inn rather than staying in a luxury hotel. Just remember that, we are going to sleep in that place and our main goal is to go see places.

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3. Always be grateful of what you have

Those places that are not yet discovered and developed are most likely a great destination. These remote places are abundant of natural resources. Of fresh air, clear water, wild animals and a lot of trees. We will be able to experience living a basic life while staying in these places and realize that people living there are dreaming of the little things that we mostly ignore. Going back home, we then learn how lucky we are being able to watch a series in our LCD television or dining in a fast food chain. These experiences will teach us to appreciate every little thing we have.

4. Walking and exercising

As I’ve mention earlier, traveling does not have to be expensive. And one way to save money while traveling is to just walk to your destinations. Aside from it can help you cut expenses, it will also help you appreciate the beauty of the place you are going to visit. Take this as an opportunity to discover new things and meet new friends along your journey. Plus, it is also good for the health. You can do an exercise even while you’re traveling. You can also do this when there’s an available hill or minor mountain to climb.

5. Learning about other cultures

One important thing to keep in mind when we are traveling is to be respectful. We all know that different places have their own and different culture and beliefs, that is why we should always be aware of what to do and what not to do. It is best to do a little research about the place you’re going to visit. We must know our boundaries and always pay respect to every locals. Remember that culture matters and changes, we don’t need to learn their culture but we must understand and respect them to create unity and harmony and avoid conflicts.

6. Learning the language of the place

Just like culture, places also have different languages or dialects. It is important to learn some of the vital words that we may need in communicating with people. This is one of the most important ways to understand people living in the places you visit. Communication is important when you are on the road and you are going to visit a place that is new to you.

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7. Appreciating what you have

Appreciating things that we have is one of the important lessons that traveling can teach us. But aside from that, it will also let us realized that there are things that we don’t need in life. It is easier to travel with few but essential things in your backpack. And through traveling, you will learn that you can live even with just 7% of the things that you have. It will teach you that wants is different from needs. Next time you purchase things, you ask yourself first if you need that or not.

8. Having fun!

We should travel more often because it is fun to do! Traveling helps us relax, discover things and can also make us rich in experiences and life lessons. We all deserve to have fun in life. Everyone should know that traveling with an open mind is an essential part of life.

Start traveling now to see how the world works in real life.

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