5 Signs That You Are A Travel Nomad

5 Signs That You Are A Travel Nomad

Traveling has become part of the millennial lifestyle. This generation craves the expansion of their horizon and creating an experience more than anyone. There are many terms used to describe this generation’s travelers like backpackers, jet setter, globetrotter and travel nomads. Each with their own distinct kind of traveling lifestyle.

Backpackers are generally tourist who are comfortable carrying all of their belongings in nothing but a backpack. Jetsetters are regularly hustling in the air, jumping from one airport to another. Globetrotters like to count the number of countries they’ve been to. And travel nomads, well they’re the cool bunch of people who can’t just keep staying in one place and has literally bring back the nomadic lifestyle of the past. Every aspect of their life should completely and comfortable blend with traveling.

If you find yourself infected with the travel bug, then you might want to know your case. Let’s check out the signs if you are a traveling nomad.

You Don’t Have a Permanent Address

The thought of settling and staying in one place for a long period of time gives you cold chills. The idea itself is stressful and doesn’t define you. You feel like you are in your zone when you can freely jump from one place to another. Relocating doesn’t even give you a sweat. The moment you feel like you had enough experience and immersion for a certain place you open your laptop, book a ticket and is scheduled to be on the road the next day.

Well, technically you do have a home address. It is important for some occasions and concerns of adulting but it’s probably your friend’s address or your parent’s home.

Majority of Your Friends Are Not From Your Hometown

Where it’s in social media or in real life, the majority of your friends are not from your hometown. You’re on your way to having your own United Nations circle. Talking to strangers and foreigners feels as comfortable as if you’re talking to your neighbor. No language barrier can hold you back and have mastered the art of starting a genuine conversation. Sometimes you make friends even before you land into their country. It fascinates you to cross path with different people, from a different culture and from different walks of life.

You Trust Your Instinct

You do read reviews and guides about a certain destination. But more than five-star rave reviews, you trust and rely on your own instinct to make judgment calls. You don’t get swayed by other people’s opinion. If your gut tells you-you’re going to love it, then you take actions. Experience the great unknown does not scare you, instead, it makes you more curious, interested and eager to go.

You Invest In Travel Equipment

You are very well informed that your life will be centered around traveling and smart enough to invest in the essentials. You’ve spent more money on your travel gear than anything else In the world. You consider your travel equipment as your home away from home. You are familiar with the best modes of transportation and where to get them.

Your passport is personalized and protected. You know how to fit anything and everything in your bag. You are familiar with your items like they are the back of your hands. You might even have packed gear that makes you ready for any activities that might present themselves like fishing gear, hiking equipment, essentials for camping, and swimming gears.

You Always Crave Adventure

For you the most valuable things in life are memories. You might not have the latest smartphone, haven’t played a game for years, missed out on the latest gadgets but your treasure lies in your heart. Your travel memories are the dearest to you and you always want to create and make new ones. Therefore, you seek out experiences and adventure. You define the saying “take only pictures, make good use of your time, leave only footprints and create memories.”

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