9 Simple Things You Can Do When Boredom Strikes

9 Simple Things You Can Do When Boredom Strikes

boredom strikes Surely, there can never be an instant cure for boredom unless you make an effort to beat it. Boredom strikes without a definite time at all, even if you think that sitting and watching could be relaxing, but few minutes later you’ll start to think of other things to do. Beating boredom does not need to be too complicated, there are actually ways on how you can deal on it with or without spending too much. It’s just a matter of how it will make you feel satisfied to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.

1. Spend time cleaning

Too bored that you don’t know what to do at all? Cleaning can be a good start in that case. Whether you clean or reinvent your room, organizing some stuff can be one of the best ways to kill time.

2. Read books

Time flies very fast when you read, this is something that I do when I get tired with my usual routine. This is best when you are reading an interesting book because you would love to stick and finish it in no time.

3. Marathon movies

Some may think that doing some movie marathon is too boring, but still, it can be one of the cheapest and convenient ways to kill time. You watch movies that you like or missed for quite some time and just time when you feel that you’ve had enough. It’s simple and you have nothing to worry about since you can do it at home.

4. Doodle away your boredom

If you possess that creative side, and even if you don’t, doodling can be the best way to release some stress. This is most especially when you are at work or at home and you are tired of doing the usual stuff. I have to admit that I want to try to doodle, but I’m afraid to do so. I am always amazed whenever I see the doodles that was done by my friend out of boredom. I have to say that I am a frustrated artist, but still I want to give it a try.

5. Work Out For a Few Minutes

One of the effective and healthy ways to beat the weariness that anyone can feel. Working out does not need to be too complicated as it can be done even for a few minutes until you can say that you are fine.

6. Quick Getaway

The best getaway can be more fun if you do it without making some plans beforehand. You can escape for a moment when you feel like you needed it the most. With or without a company. The important thing is you go home feeling contented.

7. Be Resourceful Through Baking/Cooking

Just two of the simple things that can be done at home and will surely make you satisfied. It might look like difficult for some who haven’t tried it, but believe me you will surely enjoy it.

8. Eat and Eat and Eat

There is no room for a diet when you are too bored. Most of the time dealing with food can have that exceptional and unique way to make you feel better at all times.

9. Take a Nap

Probably the easiest and simplest thing you can do is to just sleep it off. And when you’re still bored after a 5-hour nap, then you can try the other things on this list.

What do you do when you’re bored? Share your tips on killing boredom in the comments!


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