Why Customer Experience Is the True Key to Brand Success

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Why Customer Experience Is the True Key to Brand Success

If you enjoy reading leadership and business growth books, you probably heard many authors claiming about the key to a brand success. But whatever framework, paradigm or theory you’ve heard, it all boils down to one important word: customers.

According to Dan Dan Coughin, president of the Coughlin Co., “The key to branding is reminding the customer of what you want them to remember about your brand.” Likewise, Joseph Ranseth a known author and transformationist, “See every touch point as an opportunity to uplift your customers and leave them feeling better about themselves, not just your brand.”

No matter what business you run, customers should be the core of your strategies. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, considers brands as hosts and customers as invited guests. Hence, making your customers happy and satisfied will encourage them to visit your home again.

This is where Customer Experience (CX) comes in. CX is the interaction between a brand and its customers at any level of the buying cycle. From customer care and loyalty, content moderation to social media support and more, CX has been the best means of ensuring your customers are happy.

CX is important today more than ever because of the instantaneous nature of technology. Customers now have higher expectations and they can easily connect with your brands whenever and wherever. And with the competitive market, those that meet the needs of their customers are the ones the thrive.

But how do you elevate CX to easily incorporate the varying needs of your customers? Here are some tips to high-growth businesses like yours:

Understand the CX Flywheel

The best way to elevate customer experiences is by understanding the CX flywheel. While the traditional funnel focuses on sales conversion, the CX flywheel focuses on customers at all levels: sales, marketing, service and human resource. Each part of the flywheel enriches the overall customer journey. The goal is for customers to re-enter the marketing stage, buy again and eventually become brand ambassadors that would promote your company and fuel the momentum of the CX flywheel.

Leverage CX Technology

CX technology has continuously grown throughout the years, and tech advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), chatbots and more are some tools in elevating the CX of your company. These technologies create faster support while offering the most accurate solutions to their queries. Data gathered can also be analyzed to further improve experiences.

Create Seamless Interaction

With customer’s growing demands, they expect global experience companies to assist them on various platforms. Say, a customer prefers to contact a business through their social media. You should be able to help instantly without asking the customer to call your customer hotline. CX technologies can help you create such seamless experiences, where email, social media, calls, and other platforms are connected to the customer’s data. This leads to a more effective interaction between the customers and the company.

Create Personalized Experiences

Personalization is a great way to make customers feel important and with technology and data analysis, this one-to-one interaction captures customer’s trust and attention, hence adopting this to your CX solutions result to positive benefits. As Dale Carnegie said, “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Brand success is anchored on how well you treat your customers. If you take good care of them, they will love you and promote your brand, which saves you a lot marketing budget while ensuring the increase of sales. The tips above will help you understand and apply CX strategies that will lead to your brand success.

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