Tips to Keep Your Sanity Intact While Working at Home

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Tips to Keep Your Sanity Intact While Working at Home

Earning money while at home seems like a dream come true. But 6 months since the start of lockdown, you realized that working at home is not as fun as you think it was.

Everything is on loop and you keep doing things over and over until you feel exhausted. No wonder HuffPost reported that remote working can actually have a toll on one’s mental health.

According to the report, working from home causes a feeling of isolation from other people. And as social creatures, people always long for regular social interaction. Boundaries for work and personal chores are difficult to set, which adds to the anxiety and pressure.

To survive this pandemic, keeping your health and sanity in check while working remotely is very important. To help, here are some tips you need to follow:

Get Proper Internet Connection

First, be sure you have a strong and stable internet connection that can accommodate your workload. There is nothing more horrifying than presenting your monthly sales report to your boss while having an intermittent connection.

Aside from anxiety, a slow internet speed can also halt your productivity.

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Indulge Your Self with Good Food

Be sure to eat regularly. While eating healthy food ensures that you are taking enough vitamins, occasionally eating chips or milk tea is not a bad thought. If you feel like eating such food will make you feel better, then why not? Remember not to overeat, though.

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Exercise and Move Around

Staying seated for too long can cause a lot of health issues, so stand up and walk from time to time!

Do some stretching routine or walk around your room for a minute or two. This will improve blood circulation and will make you feel more active. If you could allot 30-40 minutes of your time to exercise after work, then better.

If you could do some hobbies or learn new skill while you are stuck at home, then better!

Log Out on Time

Separating home and personal life when you are working at home is tricky. Aside from the pressure to perform well at work, you are also always reminded of the clothes you still haven’t folded or plants you forgot to water. Aside from setting a workspace at home (where you do your daily work), ensuring that you are logging off on time will help you set the work-life boundary you deserve.

Once you have logged off, close all work emails or messaging apps so your boss won’t bombard you with questions. This takes practice, but it feels liberating to know when to say No.

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Set Unofficial Meetings Just to Socialize

Not all meeting has to be work-related. You can set up a call with your office friends just to talk or discuss things about your daily lives. Set up games or joke around if you want. Be sure to keep the interaction lively, as if you are just talking with each other. Meeting such as this can help add a bit of normality to your daily routine.

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Get Out But Stay Safe

Depending on where you are in the world, going outside for errands such as shopping for groceries can help improve your mental health. Walk if you can, because it will make you feel more active.

One thing to keep in mind, though. Always stay safe. Wear your mask at all times and avoid crowded areas. Always maintain safe social distancing protocols and apply alcohol every time you touch something.

Remote work is difficult and you are not the only person suffering from extreme stress, anxiety and pressure.

The things listed above can help improve your work at home experience, but remember- it is okay not to be okay. Rest if you need to. After all, your health is more important than any company promotion.

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