11 Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

11 Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

Travelling videos are no less than a whole packet of happiness and enthusiasm for those who travel to relax, enjoy, breathe or earn to travel. Travelling video comes in various forms like talk and walk travel vlogging style, cinematic videos with no narration, street run-gun-shoot style video, etc.

These videos form a magical genre of videos that can put a spell on the viewers to have them explore vivid places without even moving from their sofa. It is the factor that differentiates travel videos from videos of other genres. In this blog, we will uncover some secret tips and tricks to create travel videos that can take your audience on a mental trip with you. So keep reading to know these tips to get a perfect travel video. 

1. Watch videos to make videos

There is no better strategy ever made than this. Observe what your audience is accustomed to watching online, take inspiration from them, and then incorporate the likeable part of such videos into your video and creatively change their flaws into your strength. Great observing skills can serve you well in creating travel videos to attract more eyeballs. YouTube is the place you can initiate your research from. Moreover, several online video editors can provide you with plenty of templates to get a general idea of travel videos. Hence, special attention must be paid to giving your video a flawless and awe-inspiring look using the perfect filming strategy and a great online video editor.

2. Get your camera prepared even before you book tickets

Changing the camera picture profile when you have a picturesque scene in front of your eyes is probably the last thing you would want to do. Hence, we suggest experimenting with your camera settings before booking your ticket. The camera setting is a crucial player in delivering the best videos. And can also be blamed for giving the most disastrous look to something most beautiful. Hence, do not make any changes that can affect your consistency. 

Pro-tip: Once you find the right camera setting that suits your taste, set it to default to keep it safe from any blunder. 

3. Edit the Video

Editing is an important task when it comes to video creation. For this, you need to select an efficient video editor. This editor should ensure creative video editing ideas and high-quality video download.

Choose a video editor that gives you enough space to create a video just the way you imagine and more. If you’re looking for a more viable and easy solution to create videos, you can access an online video editor with pre-made templates. These templates help you make travel videos effortlessly.

Your video editor should also enable you to edit the background score. A competent video editor will give you options to switch from music to voiceovers.

4. Shoot, But never overshoot!

When you are on a trip, every moment feels picture-perfect. Right? But, do not dwell in this trap. You must not forget to enjoy the tour you are investing your money on, and also, do not forget the extra time you will have to invest in editing such uncountable unnecessary footage. The secret tip to managing everything is assigning time to get some great videos and then allowing your camera to relax while you can enjoy your tour. 

5. Try being a storyteller through your videos

Creating stories is not easy. But is there anything you can not achieve with some time and practice? You might have several names that can contradict this statement, but coming up with stories in travel videos can not be there on that list. However, we have one simple and creative trick which can help you create a beautiful and captivating story. You have to find a thread that connects your videos before you put your videos into your video editor and weave those threads into a story. 

6. The hero of your video is the country, not you 

You can find plenty of travel vloggers who forget that viewers are spending their internet to watch the country or place, not them. Nevertheless, you can capitalise on their mistake by not repeating it. You must manifest the beauty, mystery, locals, food, and captivating stories about a location, not your fancy and luxurious lifestyle. 

7. Record different, Record differently 

Travel videos lack a proper structure and scripts. Hence, all you have is the beautiful locations and your magical skills of handling a camera. Simply put, try to capture different things from different angles. For example, try panning up and down, right and left, and record a moving, time-lapse, or slow spinning shot to give your video and viewers an artistic feel. This tip is most useful for aesthetically pleasing infrastructure and monuments. 

8. Evoke emotions with close-up shots of locals

Nothing can evoke more emotions than capturing the intense eyes and the joyful moments of locals of a country. Capturing these people adds a human element to a video by utilising their laughs and tears. To compliment such emotions, your video editor also enables you to add music that suits the scene’s mood. For instance, you can add an intense playlist to your video to highlight the intense moments. 

9. Add meaning to your video

The most tedious and time-consuming part of getting the most captivating travel video is here. Several travel videos on YouTube feel like random clips glued together without any connection or story. But, a video that has the potential to reach millions of people and stand out from the crowd includes a story and creates a meaningful video. And you must ensure to incorporate a purposeful story into your video. 

10. Shoot in motion

Videos capture the moment that can not be otherwise captured in photos. Nevertheless, the videos can also lose this magical quality due to the lack of motion. To bring back that captivating essence of videos, try creating your camera motion to serve you the way you want. Camera moments such as panning in different directions, moving on a vehicle or trolley, time-lapse, and more can help you get moving. For a travel video, the most magical camera moment is the hyper-lapse. You can hyper-lapse using a tripod or hand-handling the camera. You can even add a moving feel to a video using video editors. 

11. Video Quality matters

All your efforts can go into a vein if the finished video is of poor quality. And to get a flawless video sitting in front of the laptop for hours, editing a video using an online video editor is a must. The rule of thumb at this step is downloading your video in the highest quality is highly recommended. 

A quality video attracts more views and helps your video get to the top of the search engine result page.


The best part of a travel video is the filmmaker’s ability to instigate a desire to visit the recorded place in the viewer’s mind. However, this ability contributes to several factors listed in this blog. You can read and re-read this blog every time you plan a journey to a new place with your favourite companion; your camera. Nevertheless, you have the creative freedom of changing the tips mentioned above as per the demand of your audience and the aesthetics of the location.

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