Why Ber Months is the Coolest Season

Why Ber Months is the Coolest Season

Ber Months

Yes, it’s the first day of the ‘ber’ months, baby!

We’ll start seeing posts on your Facebook NewsFeed about the longest running popular status, “Wake me up when September ends.” It’s like an old habit that’s hard to die. Then, there’s this post where almost everyone is reminding everybody that it’s already the “ber” months, pointing out the obvious just like this post. There’s something magical about the “ber” months that people are going gaga over it. It doesn’t pick any age group or gender. Everyone starts to giggle and spread the good vibes of the season. Most Pinoys are looking forward to this colder season with lots of surprises.

We’ll begin to notice countdown on TV Patrol or 24 Oras as the world’s longest Christmas season unfolds in the Philippines. Different radio programs start to play Christmas songs that Pinoys almost forget about All Saint’s Day and All Souls’ days.

So, what do we love most about “ber” months? Let’s see them below:

Cool weather

The Ber-month weather is just right for taking a walk outside and feeling the air breeze on your face and hair. No sweating, and the girls just let their long hair flow with the wind. The kind clouds cover the almost angry Mr. Sun but still give us enough illumination around us.

Colder season also allows us to sleep comfortably without perspiring the whole night. Sometimes, we don’t use an AC or electric fan when sleeping. It helps us relax a little bit and takes away the stress of a busy workday. That cold wind doesn’t bother to leave us.

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Stylish Outfit

We’re given the license to be more fashionable during the “ber” months. It’s the season to rummage your closet and begin wearing cozy clothing pieces like a beanie and that cute sweater.

The season lets us wear more than one piece of clothing. But with the unpredictable weather, we should be practical on our fashion statement. We can put a sweater in the morning when the air gives us a little chill, then take it off when the warm noon comes.

Colorful Decorations

The “ber” months also mean we will see a lot of decorations, especially the colorful parols (lantern) and Christmas tree. There’s an annual Giant Lantern Festival for biggest and colorful lanterns in Pampanga.

You can see small and medium businesses starting to sell Christmas decors. Even the streets of Manila are now full of different decors that commuters can buy easily.

Delectable food

It’s the season of trying out different meals and unique recipes. As Christmas season unfolds, we encounter a lot of Christmas-related food like cakes and cupcakes. Sometimes, food are being used as a gift. We would start receiving some invitation to purchase their products for the coming holidays.

Of course, it’s a bad thing to forget bibingka and puto bumbong. They’re a must every Christmas season.

Endless promotions

“Ber” months mean promotions. As the holidays are coming, different product promotions are being offered in the mall, television, radio, and alike. Small kiosks like tiangge start to pop up on different locations. Grocery stores start to stock up on food supplies and offering Buy 1 Take 1 promo on food items like fruit cocktail and All-Purpose Cream.

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At last, we’ll see TV ads like Pamaskong Handog or Kapusong Pasko Promo offering cash prizes where people join the contests by sending out the wrappers of participating products like Maggi Magic Sarap and Nestle Milo.

With those cool things mentioned above, we can say the “ber” months is coolest season.

What are your favorite things about “ber” months? Share them here.


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