What Fresh Grads Need to Know about Job Hunting

What Fresh Grads Need to Know about Job Hunting

Congratulations Graduates!

After spending 4 or more years of your life in college, you finally received your diploma. You might get tempted to take some time off to relax before searching for a job, but hey if finding a really good job means earning your own money as soon as possible, why delay it, right? There’s nothing wrong with waiting for a month before you start sending out your CV, since you’ve spent years burning the midnight oil just to earn your degree. But delaying your job search might also defer your future endeavors.

Finding a job after graduation is not just a piece of cake nor is it a walk in the park. The job hunting and hiring process often take a couple of months or even a year before you get your first job offer. For a fresh grad with no work background–this is truly frustrating and it makes you desperate. Be proactive and not just sit back and relax while waiting for companies you’ve applied for to call you back. We all want to be part of the competitive job market. If you want to get employed right after graduation, put yourself out there in the real corporate world and be on the right track for your job hunt.

1. Write a customized curriculum vitae.

Writing a good resume is a new experience for fresh grads. You can ask your former school for a resume template or just research it on the web to have an idea how it looks like. Do not just copy what you see on the web. Customize it to have a greater chance of getting noticeable. Your resume should include your career objectives, personal information, marketable skills related to the job you’re applying for, academic achievements, and work experiences, if there’s any. This professional document should not be poorly written because this will open you to many doors of opportunities. Don’t hesitate to seek the help of your mentor from the academe when it comes to proofreading and revising your resume.

2. Create a professional identity online.

Social media accounts can help you establish your professional identity. To increase your chance to get noticed by employers better sanitize your social media accounts because companies have capabilities to dig information about you. HR officers assess a potential employee through the applicants’ social networking sites. Be careful on everything you post online especially in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc., because HR managers will surely visit your personal accounts to get to know you more. If you use these technology to promote yourself, avoid posting foolish tweets and content that can damage your reputation.

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3. Job research is important.

Through researching various jobs, you become more informed and educated in making your career decisions. You were trained in school to develop your research skills and always do your homework  so don’t forget to apply it in real-life.  Before you click the “apply’ button on job employment sites, you have to conduct an in-depth research first about your prospect industries and positions that suit your abilities and interest. Study the company’s services, products, line of business, and the position you’re applying for. Identify also the abilities you can contribute to the success of your target company.

4. It’s all about connection.

Networking can be a big advantage to fresh graduates. Reach out to your friends, relatives, and other contacts. They can be a great help in finding a job and building your career. Some colleges and universities have trained professionals or career mentors that can guide you in landing your first job. However, the rest don’t have such centers. But even so, don’t hesitate to ask help from other working professionals or even your former professors. Connect with them and ask some useful tips when it comes to choosing suitable jobs for you.

5. Utilize online professional networking tools.

There are already leading job employment sites and online resources for job seekers such as Jobstreet, jobsDB, phil-jobnet, trabaho.com, jobfinderphil.com, onlinejobs.ph, careerbuilder, etc. that can be immensely useful in finding the right work that’s a good match for you. These sites won’t guarantee that you’ll get your desired position, but it will help you find various job vacancies that best suits your capabilities. The Internet made job hunting more accessible and easier for you, job seekers. So what are you waiting for? Sit down and start browsing the websites mentioned above. There’s no harm in checking some businesses and companies which might interested to hire you.

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6. Take your job interview seriously.

Many newly grads go to job interview unprepared, under-dressed, or overdressed and sometimes, late. Do not take your job interviews for granted. There will be no second chances so you better put your best foot forward and nail that interview. Do not get easily intimidated during your first try in job interviews. Nervousness can shut you up and it may kill your chances to get a job offer. To avoid this from happening, get ready and practice. Think about possible interview questions and practice answering them.

One more important thing, do not forget to bring a pen. When you’re scheduled to have a job interview, expect that you will also have an exam. Do not merely focus on interview questions. Sometimes the exam is more difficult to handle than the interview itself.

7. Develop alternate plans of action.

Be open to a broader range of possibilities and consider other job opportunities. Being picky won’t get you anywhere but make sure that you apply for jobs you’re truly qualified for. Don’t look for a perfect career just yet. Your focus should be on getting your first job that can help you gain relevant experience.  When things don’t go according to plan, you can still make your waiting time worthwhile by taking freelance jobs or internships.

The corporate world has a lot of challenges in store for you. You will surely make mistakes as you apply for your job prospects. But no matter how tough it is to get employed, do not stop persevering. Take these nuggets of wisdom at heart to increase your job chances. Keep striving and be flexible. All your efforts and sacrifices in attending job interviews and sending multitudes of resume to your target companies will get paid off, eventually. Be patient and never lose enthusiasm in looking for the right job for you. It may take some time before the opportunity arrives but it will surely come.

What other job hunting tips you can share to new graduates?


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