Travel Overseas: 2 Surprising Reasons to Visit Philadelphia over New York City

Travel Overseas: 2 Surprising Reasons to Visit Philadelphia over New York City

New York City — the City That Never Sleeps. There is so much to see and do in NYC, and most of it can be done well into the early morning. Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building are three of the most historical landmarks, not just in the city but in the entire United States. Times Square is the place to be on New Year’s Eve and Central Park is an oasis of nature within the concrete jungle. Millions of people from all over the world travel to New York to experience the Big Apple. The younger generations tend to flock to the city (as they have for almost 200 years) to get their big start.

But did you know that there is somewhere else in the United States that has just as much to offer the younger generation as NYC, if not more so? Philadelphia is not only an important city from a historical viewpoint, but it is also one that fits the Generation Y lifestyle. Below, you will see how these two aspects are surprisingly rolled up into one great city.

Lots of History

Philadelphia may not be as old as New York City (NYC having been settled in 1626, Philly in 1682) but it holds so many sites and hosted so many more events of historical significance. Philadelphia was not only one of the first major industrial and commercial centers of the newly-created country, but it was also the birthplace of the United States of America. A few of the events that occurred during the time surrounding the formation of the US are as follows:

  • The signing of the Declaration of Independence was conducted in Philadelphia
  • The First and Second Continental Congresses were held in the city
  • Philadelphia served as the first capital of the United States

Historical Sites

Philadelphia is a popular city to visit for its historical aspects. Church groups, school field trips, and other associations are typically found touring the streets and sites of the city. The Historical District, where the majority of these sites are located, is easily accessible on foot, but if it is transportation you intend to take to visit the history of America, consider chartering a bus for your group rather than taking multiple cars. Stopping at each of these locations will be easier and the trip between them more comfortable.

Independence Hall is famous for being the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed in July of 1776. Congress Hall still stands and was the temporary location of the United States Congress for ten years while Washington D.C. was under construction. The Liberty Bell, which was used to call all citizens of old Philadelphia to gather, rang for many events and celebrations in history. It was used on July 8th, 1776 to bring together the people for the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Appeals to Millennials

Most members of the youngest generation of adults do not think of Philadelphia when considering cities that appeal to them the most. The first city of choice that comes to mind is, of course, New York City. The next top choice of cities is actually on the opposite coast — San Francisco. Philadelphia is far down on the list of preferred cities for this generation. However, when taking into account the qualities millennials are looking for in a city, Philadelphia ranks pretty high; higher than some of the other cities on the list, including NYC.

Millennial Sensibilities

The aspects members of Generation Y are looking for are really no different than what any other person wants: affordable housing, safety, and a prosperous job market. And while everyone seeks some form of recreational activity, millennials are more apt to set the need for experiences and entertainment high on their list of requirements. They want more outdoor areas (parks, trails, reserves) to fully appreciate life.

Philadelphia Meets the Millennial Way of Life

Although there are plenty of fast food chain restaurants in Philadelphia, it still has a plethora of local restaurants with a wide assortment of cultural cuisine; this is another of the top requirements for millennials — fewer corporate chains and more mom-and-pop eateries. Philadelphia is also a walkable city. Millennials are not wanting to sit and travel, they want to get up and go. Being a city designed to be traveled by foot, Philadelphia is a perfect fit. The city also boasts a youthful nightlife that fits with the Gen Y demand for fun.

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