The Types of Bosses You Encounter in the Workplace

The Types of Bosses You Encounter in the Workplace

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Each and every one of us needs to find a job and work hard to earn for a living. Although some were born with a golden spoon in their mouths, there is no way people will not aspire to achieve something. But just like the thrill in chasing your dream job, ending up with an all-positive superior can be based on how lucky you are.

Every boss is different, and it’s difficult to fit them in a stereotype. But sometimes, our bosses seem to be made from the same mold. Here are some of the types of bosses you may bump into in the span of your career:

The Bitch

The movie Horrible Bosses was made for a reason. These type of bosses will definitely eat you alive. If you are going to play the martyr and not do something about it, you will end up to be a star of your own drama special. On the other hand, you must maintain your coolness in the name of professionalism. It sucks, right?

The Friend

Life is not about being negative all the time. There are supervisors or managers that don’t seem to be superiors, in a good way. They are the ones who like to connect with their subordinates, the boss who doesn’t want to be called a boss. Well, there’s a so-called leader after all. The bond become so comfortable that they can even tell you their sex life.

The Passive-Aggressive

You may consider this type as the combination of the first two with number 1 being the dominant side. Plastic may be the word in layman’s term. These people may appear friendly on the outside but would love to kick you out on the inside. They seldom talk directly to their subordinates about matters. All they do is kill you with the silent treatment.

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The Bad Mouth

They may be considered as the combination of the first three. Bad mouths may appear as a friend but tends to say negative things about their subordinates, be it work-related or something personal. If you ever hear them talk that way about other people, chances are, they talk nasty about you too.

Nobody said that everything will turn out smooth in the office. Just like what they say, you cannot please everybody. You must take into consideration that these people will always be a part of your environment. Believe it or not, they bring balance in your typical office setting. What you can do is bring the positivity all the time and everything will be fine. After all, some people simply reciprocate treatment depending on how they are being treated.

What type of boss you have encountered in your career journey? What other types can you add to the list? We love to hear your thoughts!

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