Till We Meet Again, Doc

Till We Meet Again, Doc


Dearest You,

I’ve waited for the right time and enough courage to do this special reflection. For almost a month now, I have this feeling that no matter how I try to be okay–my heart will always be broken. I hate the feeling of being alone as it gives me reason to think that you are really gone. The painful truth that whenever I see you online on Facebook it breaks my heart  ‘coz I know it’s not you that I am talking to.  I will definitely miss our long conversation through chat and especially in person. I miss the times that we chat and talk about anything and everything—how I confide to you whenever I feel weary and down and whenever I feel like something strange, I consult to you right away.

You are just one of the coolest and outgoing “ate” and dentist  that I’ve ever met, which made me feel sadder that I wouldn’t be given another chance to talk and share with you all my stories and adventures. It’s sad that we  wouldn’t be able to bond again for another food trip at Binondo and even try a new foodie place. I wouldn’t be able to share with you my recipes and love for cooking.

I loss a friend, a mentor and above all an “ate”. I still can’t believe that a tragic incident will take you away from all of us. It’s still difficult to accept, but yet we believe that where ever you are, you and your baby are both happy and watching over us.

Your loss made us realize how short life is, and if only I would give mea chance to talk to you for the last time I would say: “I am grateful because I have a chance to call you “ Ate Che” and even if we are not blood-related you and your whole family are our extended family. I will cherish all the memories and conversations that we had.”

I won’t say goodbye. Instead, see you again and I’ll miss you always.

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